ACT clutch



Words: Wooley // Photos: Jason Scott

Autrey’s story on how he came to run/own DWS Parts reminds me a lot of my own history with S3 Mag. That’s why his cherry little S2000 is in here now, and that’s why I’ll tell you the story now. Because I know a lot of you guys/girls are in that short & sweet age-bracket… where you’re about to start making gut-decisions that will unfold the course of the rest of your lives. No pressure, right? But listen up. Because one thing you HAVE to remember, is that if you stay true to yourself & your heart, there will be no regrets. And I honestly believe you will FIND a way to get where you want to be. But the catch is – ‘staying true to yourself’ means you have to be strong-willed, and you can’t run away, make excuses, or chicken out when you get in the middle of it all.


Prior to DWS, Autrey used to work for his old man, selling pump-out stations in Marinas. In other words, he pumped shit (literally) out of boats for a living. The job was dirty, but life on the water had its perks. The money was good. He had a solid girlfriend (so he thought), and the two of them lived together on a boat. Life was settling out to be pretty chill. But one day…


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