Words: Wooley // Photos: Mike Levin

Obsession. The safe-players in this world try and talk down on it. They raise an eyebrow to it with a negative connotation… as if ‘obsession’ was a checkmark of instability, or unpredictability. But nothing – could be further from reality. Obsession is a completely devoted pursuit to a goal, or a state of being. And if you have the capacity to see it like that, then NOTHING is more stable than the agenda of the obsessed, nor is any route/path more predictable than the one leading to their ultimate goal. It is like the trajectory of an arrow shot from a bow. It is so clear. Yet the safe-players in this world can never seem to track us. I guess they are blinded by their own sensibility.


Obsession is one of the greatest character traits that we, as human beings, possess. Obsession is what invents, it is what creates, it is what breaksthrough. It is what drives us forward, and pushes us to get better, and go farther. Obsession results in us being able to do the impossible, and find solutions for the unexplainable. Obsession is…


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