Words: Wooley // Photos: Sean Bradford


I recognize the fact that a lot of the younger-half of the import culture developed a love for this culture… and a lot of times that love was more or less built off the stance movement. Stance-related cars, shows, websites – what have you. And if that’s the case, then I love stance… be-cause it brought a lot of you in. And I have love for all you guys, and all the personalities that make us family. Stance, camber, fitment, flush – these are all words that drive the import culture today. But let’s break down the progression of stance. Because like I said… a lot of the younger-half of this import culture has never witnessed this import culture before stance was saturated in it.


First of all – the hard truth. Stancing your car, in the way that it is commonly done today, has negative affects on every aspect of performance… other than aesthetics. That is truth. It is physics. And if you’re out there… and you’ve developed a formula that proves otherwise, I’d love to see your math & do an article on it. Aesthetically, one can argue that stance ‘looks’ good or ‘looks’ bad. Those are matters of opinion, and therefore left up to peoples’ personal opinion. But the rest…


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