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It’s not every day that we get to feature a Corvette.

For the most part, it seems like Corvette enthusiasts tend to keep their vehicles on the stock side. At most, you’ll see a couple modifications here or there. But there are some people like Michael Giaccone that don’t know the meaning of “stock.” Michael got his hands on a 2015 C7 Z06 and decided to do absolutely EVERYTHING to it from widebody to bags… let me show you what I’m talking about.

Bagged Widebody C7 Side Profile

Laid Out

Michael enjoys driving his cars as well as taking them to some of our local shows. So, he got the best of both worlds in terms of suspension. The car completely lays out thanks to a custom air suspension setup & Airlift management. It’s got some sort of muffling system to it as it airs out relatively quietly. Not that this car is subtle in any other way or anything…Widebody C7 Front Carbon Fiber


Michael went all out with the custom carbon fiber on this Corvette. Everything carbon fiber has a custom silver weave in it. This means that everything that is carbon fiber matches. It’s totally crazy to look at up close. Ivan Tampi Customs got their hands on the car and matched up a custom widebody kit & the nose from a ZR1 then painted the car matte black. The paint honestly gives off Batmobile vibes on this car.

Carbon Fiber Vicari Wheels


-Even the wheels have the matching carbon fiber weave!

C7 Z06 Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel

Moving on to the interior, the carbon fiber theme continues. The steering wheel, shift knob and even the dash pieces are all matching carbon fiber. To say Michael is carbon fiber obsessed would be a fair assessment. Everything looks as if it were put there by the manufacturer, which is high praise for anything aftermarket when it comes to carbon fiber. Most times, I find it easy to nitpick fitment issues with carbon, but not here.

Callaway Supercharged C7 Corvette

… AND it’s a Callaway!

The powertrain in Michael’s C7 has been extensively modified by Callaway. The engine was upgraded to their SC757. Pair that with an upgraded sports exhaust and you have upwards of 800hp in this monster. It sounds angry, but refined. Power delivery is incredibly linear and totally usable on the street – mostly thanks to the super wide rear tires.

Widebody C7 Rear

Speaking of super wide rear tires, you can clearly see how wide they are from the rear. Yes, the spoiler comes back off of the chassis making it incredibly aggressive. This may be my favorite angle of the whole car.

Split Rear Window C7 Corvette

Also, while we’re looking at the rear, check out the rear window. That’s a custom split-window piece built for the car. Makes it look more like a supercar.

Bagged C7 Widebody

In conclusion…

Man, what a car. Michael did a fantastic job with the mods – he definitely has taste. In total, this car took months and months to build. The guys at the custom shop that fitted all the panels & widebody together took their time & it paid off. This just might be my favorite C7 of all time.

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Text & Photos by Ben Battles

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