The AWD Civic is FINALLY showing signs of life.

Since we have swapped over the twin cam B-Series on the lifted Civic, the car has not turned over. That is, until yesterday. After weeks of harness work and adaptation, it finally is turning over. This is absolutely HUGE! I am definitely grinning ear to ear as I write this. While we are still waiting on some key components to finish the drivetrain, I can rest easy knowing the car wants to run. The best part is that it was under compression – spark plugs installed & everything.

Modified B Series Harness

How did we get here?

About 3 weeks ago, I received the harness adapter from HA Motorsports. Those guys fixed us up with a D to B adapter and seemingly, it works great. I then spent hours with Jake at his house with both harnesses laid out on a table, splicing and extending the D series one. Then SEMA happened, so last week was skipped. But now we come to this week where we finally got (mostly) everything plugged in over at the Slightly Mangled garage. After jumping off the flat battery, everything seemed to be healthy and normal.

Slightly Mangled B Series

What’s next?

Next steps are to plumb up the fuel tank in the trunk, as well as extend the fuel pump wires. After that, install a jumper harness for the distributor, which I have just received. Lastly, change the oil & top off the trans fluid before firing it up! Our lifted Civic is so close to running!

Forza Horizon 5 Supra HKS

Now, let’s play Forza!

I am finally on Forza Horizon 5! I’m mostly drifting cars around the mountain passes & taking photos, but feel free to add me! My GT is biggbenn74 (I’ve had it since I was a kid.) Hope to see you on there!

In the meantime, check out this week’s video:

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Text, Photos & Video by Ben Battles