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I had an old-school Honda buddy give me some advice once. He said he gave up on Honda as a company a long time ago, and life got a lot less heartbreaking.

acura integra worst

We all love the golden era of Honda. Honda/Acura created some truly innovative & remarkable cars that were incredibly tied-in to the driving experience. 

But face the facts: The golden era has passed. And those guys who created those cars…. they’re gone. The stars aligned for a short, beautiful moment… and then they separated. And if you’re frustrated with the new Acura Integra, maybe it’s time you accept that & move on as well. 


Because what we’re witnessing now, is the first generation of people who quit caring about cars as a whole… get old enough to infiltrate the workplace & work for car companies like Honda. You know – the people who stood in line to get the first iPhone, but not their driver’s license. The people who are more excited with how many usb chargers & screens a car has… than what it feels like or looks like. This is what could have been…..


When it comes to resurrecting the Integra, the current team at Acura never understood the assignment from Day 1. They didn’t know what the Integra was in its DNA. And they don’t realize how they missed so tragically. I promise you, they don’t know what they did wrong here. This isn’t the result of one or two people at Honda being off base. This is the entire team/brand, playing a different ballgame than their enthusiasts. Subscribe to S3 Magazine & see real Hondas here.