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BMW charging $18 per month to use their heated seats? Hell I should be charging BMW $18 per month to have to look at their ugly-ass new cars in traffic.

This isn’t even worth talking about, because it’s just one of those ‘make ya mad’ stories. But here’s the deal: In South Korea, BMW is trying to charge $18 per month to use the heated seats in the car that YOU BOUGHT with heated seats.

I don’t know how they do it in South Korea, but here in America that’s a biiiiiiiiiiig f*ck off. But – there’s a simple solution. Don’t buy a BMW. Problem solved. Don’t walk into to a BMW dealership. Point & laugh when you see one in traffic. And even after BMW walks this back… still… don’t buy a BMW. Make this hurt. It’s a matter of principle. BMW is supposed to be a symbol of luxury & class. What’s ‘luxury or classy’ about being nickel & dimed to use the features in your own already-overpriced & rapidly depreciating ‘ultimate driving machine’.

Come to think of it… why did you even want a new BMW in the first place?? Why are we even having this discussion? Has anyone genuinely cool ever bought a new BMW?

Get an old BMW from an BMW-era with style & substance… and put up with all the headaches & blown headgaskets like a real enthusiast. Sheesh.

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BMW seats

photo by @kevve_be