Import Alliance car show

It seems like 90% of ‘automotive news’ is EV news these days. But there doesn’t seem to be much going on in the way of ‘automotive news’ for the last week or so. Things have gotten a little quiet. And that could be because automotive manufacturers are starting so realize… they’re pretty screwed to be honest. So all the EV-peacocking is starting to shush-up a little bit, as the auto manufacturers re-huddle. 

Tesla & Rivian are both planning layoffs.

Rivian also announced recently, yet another year-out delay on deliveries (at least for Canada, eh?). This is in addition to the 1-year delay they announced last year. It’s beyond strange that Rivian continues to get endless media praise AND government incentives, while simultaneously planning layoffs & continuously pushing back vehicles. BTW… remember back in 2019 when Tesla started taking deposits for a Cyber Truck? (Tesla layoffs // Rivian layoffs)

Volkswagen Group is potentially looking at a 3-year delay on some key/strategic EV releases…

Because of wait for it… a software issue. The cars themselves are on schedule mechanically, but the software is not. Affected models are the Audi Artemis, the Porsche Macon EV, and the Audi Q6 e-tron. These models were supposed to be released around 2024 with a state-of-the-art ‘Version 2’ software. This software was going to drive the car for you, purify your farts, and do all sorts of other futuristic things. But a 3-year software delay would push those back to the later part of the decade. Keep in mind though, A LOT of promises were made by auto manufacturers AND governments for 2030. I have confidence they’ll get it done… but it will cost more, be less enchanting, AND less reliable than all the promises. (the software issue)

And speaking of costing more & being less reliable… Ford.

As you probably already know, Ford has stopped sales of the Mustang Mach E. There was a recall on the Mach E for a total loss-of-power issue. It’s an issue that Ford doesn’t have a solution for yet. But at the announcement of the recall, Ford specifically stated that it was NOT a stop-sale. Meaning – you could still BUY the Mach E, you just couldn’t take delivery of it. I don’t know who’d want to buy a car at full price that’s ‘pre-recalled’ & not deliverable. But fine. Just add that to the long list of things I can’t grasp these days lol.

Currently however, you in fact CANNOT buy the Mustang Mach E online. So if it’s NOT a stop-sale recall, why can’t people buy it online?? Especially when Ford announced they were transitioning to online-only sales for their EVs? Is Ford using the recall as a crutch… to put the Mach E on pause… because Ford’s cost on the Chinese battery (from BYD) has soared totally out of control & made the Mach E unprofitable? I mean… that’s what I’d do, just sayin’. But then what about the Ford Lightning? Why can’t we buy that online either? Everyday I see articles from techies praising the Ford Lightning. A truck that, just like the Rivian & Cybertruck, I cannot go purchase. 

BYD electric car

Meanwhile – the same Chinese car company that makes the batteries for the Ford Mach E (BYD)…

Is running wide-open, full-steam-ahead with their own EV automotive production. In fact, if you count BYD’s hybrids as ‘an EV’ (which there’s a gray area there)… they beat Tesla in sales last quarter, knocking Tesla out of the Number 1 spot. And trust that BYD does not have their longterm eye on making batteries for Ford’s cars… they want to bring their own cars to market globally. That’s the move. 

post stimulus repos

And the icing on this cake??

We’re starting to see an alarming/increasing number of bank repos on vehicles purchased in 2020/2021. In other words: the stimulus check era. People used money that really wasn’t theirs to put down-payments on cars that were over-valued & that they really couldn’t afford. And now the chickens are coming home to roost.  (see article from Barrons)