So the Ford Mustang Mach-E has a recall that is halting all deliveries & test drives. It is not a stop-sale. You can still order the Mach-E. But you won’t be able to take delivery until there’s a solution. And, there doesn’t seem to be a solution yet. 

In short…

The recall is due to 3rd-party manufactured electrical contactors/relays failing (melting/warping/arcing) under fast charging, or repeated back-to-back full throttles. And that can result in the Mach-E losing all power while driving. Is it software issue, or is it hardware? Will Ford use software to bandage and/or detune the hardware & essentially mask the problem? We’ll see. 

We’re not criticizing Ford for experiencing some growing pains with EV technology.

That’s to be expected. And people buying & promoting EV innovation should understand this & have a certain level of patience for it. 

But what’s increasingly irritating with Ford at this point…

Is that (aside from the Maverick) they’re failing to offer consumers the simple, no BS, economical solutions that a lot of us want & need in this cliff-teetering economy with record high gas prices. PS: If you say Ecosport I’ll Will Smith slap you. A $60,000+ unavailable EV is not a viable solution for mass America. And it’s frustrating that for the 2nd time this century, the big American car manufacturers are ill-prepared for soaring gas prices & downshifts in the economy. 

Ford is potentially putting too many of their eggs in the EV basket… and now the EVs are failing. Deliveries have been shut off, Ford’s at the mercy of questionable overseas parts, and battery costs are soaring… on top of already-soaring inflation & car prices. I read somewhere that the Mustang Mach-E’s battery now costs Ford $18,000, and that number continues to rise. How much are you willing & able to pay for basic, uninspiring EV transportation?

As of now (mid-June 2022), you cannot take delivery of the Ford Mach-E, and you can no longer order a Ford Lightning this year per Ford’s website. Across the board, there seems to be substantially more EV hype than… actual available EVs. So where’s the real-world, affordable, dependable solutions from Ford? I think they’re over at Toyota. 

ford lightning unavailable

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