BMW does not build engines in Germany anymore. Think about the legacy of BMW & what they’ve historically symbolized: The Ultimate Driving Machine. Now let it sink in: No more German-built engines in this premiere German car company. 

The German facility where BMW built engines for apparently 6 decades – has been retired. A new facility is being constructed for EV assembly. And the internal combustion engines that remain in BMW’s lineup, are all produced in other countries. Here’s the rub…

If the EV revolution actually succeeds 

These prestigious European car companies lose the very attributes that made them prestigious & revered by driving enthusiasts. Meaning, the true authenticity of BMW’s legacy will be in the past (as if that wasn’t already true). And BMW will have spinelessly forfeited their Ultimate Driving Machine… for software, simulation, and subscriptions for heated seats. Unfortunately, there’s almost no going back at this point, because even… 

If the EV revolution falls flat on its face 

True driving enthusiasts will never be able to forget how revered carmakers like BMW… absolutely slaughtered their own legacy & betrayed their loyal fanbase. All in the name of a transparent, virtue-signaled lie called “sustainability”. 

For more info… here’s an article from Motor Authority.

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