Ever come across the meme suggesting that car manufacturers should take a leaf out of the sneaker playbook… and start cranking out brand new old cars? I mean, imagine strolling into a dealership, and instead of some shapeless, tech-laden transportation appliance, you’re eyeing a resurrected classic. Let’s face it…

Porsche 911SC

We drop serious cash on vintage cars…

Just to bask in the nostalgia of simpler times. You know, the golden age, when car repair didn’t require a PhD in computer science. Back then, our connection to our car was more than just ‘bluetooth’; it was mechanical. The bond of man & machine.

Picture this: a 1967 Shelby with a modern Coyote or Voodoo engine, or a 1970 Chevelle rocking a sleek LS. How about a brand new MKIV Supra, untouched from its ’90s glory with a 2JZ and targa top? And hey, who wouldn’t want a brand new 1988 AMG Hammer Mercedes?

white MKIV Supra

Sure, some of this is achievable today when you look at the top-tier restomods of car culture.

But those are reserved for the chosen few with platinum/black AMEX credit cards. It’s not something you can buy at a dealership with a typical car loan. And as the classics become pricier, and legends drift towards the realm of unattainable, the heart longs for the golden era of soul-stirring vehicles that fueled our passion for the automobile.

Let’s get real for a sec…

Building these iconic dream machines within the confines of modern emission regulations & EV agendas… won’t be easy. But it’d be nice to see more FIGHT from carmakers. There’s something about the smell of gasoline & the roar of a real engine that no virtual reality’ can replicate.


Brig back the days when popping hoods meant laying eyes on beautiful adrenaline-inducing engines… 

Not plastic cladding. If we’re destined for an overdose of tech, carmakers should at least implement it in a way that sharpens the driving experience… not in these current ways that promote more driver incompetence. Through & through – the automotive industry as a whole should be ashamed of itself. Refocus on elegance, timelessness, and courage in automotive design. Enough with the tech-obsessed design chaos where Ikea interiors meet iPads. It’s pathetically bad & panders to a tasteless, passion-void audience. If we can’t bring back the golden era. At the very least… can we show some dignity & respect for where we came from?

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