Widebody BMW M2…

When I first got into this car-building underworld, I did it for the kickass & badass cars. Pretty simple formula right? But what I didn’t understand at the time, is that behind every awesome car, there’s usually a more awesome person that built it. And as I first met Matt, the owner of this BMW M2, I quickly realized that we share the same mechanical philosophies: Purity & rawness, along with all those other intangibles that cause you to grin involuntarily. Through the course of this day, we went through his unique widebody BMW M2, as he pointed out all the details & features that make the car an ideal platform for him. 

PSM Dynamic

The first thing to catch your eye is the M2’s wide hips & wheel/tire fitment…

This BMW M2 features a PSM Dynamic widebody, attached from the underside, as to not show any rivets. 

The partially painted kit flaunts accents of its full carbon shell… but only in key places… reminding us that if you want to get somebody’s attention – sometimes it’s most effective to whisper.

Underneath those widened hips are a set of gorgeous BBS RT88s wrapped in meaty Toyo R888Rs. 

And the car rides on KW coilovers.

widebody BMW M2

The engine is a Dinan-built N55… 

A 3-liter boosted inline-6, juiced-up with Dinan parts. The Dinan name is synonymous with BMWs for many reasons: 1) the warranty, 2) ‘the badge’, 3) dealerships. And probably most important to the owner… 4) seamlessly-integrated package cars

See Number 4 is key, especially when you’re dealing with the high complexity of modern-day BMW tuning. Dinan operates much like a small car company would, and builds complete packages – composed of everything from engine-tuning & exhaust, to intakes & springs. The collection of parts between BMW & Dinan are designed to work seamlessly with one another, with the result being an improved car that wields more power & handles better… while not sacrificing drivability or ride quality. Dinan basically takes the guesswork out of creating a high performance BMW build, and gives you a complete & balanced system.

The true beauty of this car does not come with a casual glance… 

It comes in the details. It comes when you unleash it. And it comes when you shed all the BS, and it starts to sink in that… in this modern age where cars are getting too damn big & too damn numb, the BMW M2 is still a pure sports coupe. A true driver’s car. Modern capabilities, but with a real spirit of the 2002 or E30 M3. It’s about at that point where this M2 really starts to get under your skin. 

Text & Photos by Daniel Kaas-Neal

IG @spiifffy

KW Coilovers BMW M2

modified BMW M2