The Tacoma TRD Offroad 4×4 is as sure as the sunrise…

We all know & love ‘em. Though the prices on the Toyota Tacoma TRD Offroad 4×4 seems to tick-up with every sunrise too! The rent is too damn high! A midsize truck for the price of a moderately decked-out full-size truck is hard to justify for many. Especially when you consider big American roads & landscapes & waistlines. 

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Honestly, the term ‘midsize’ is being kind of generous to the Tacoma in 2020…

I know midsize trucks are GIANT compared to yester-decade. But the fact remains: If you have a child seat in the back, there’s not an abundance of room in the crew cab Taco (some would say cramped). And if you’re trying to get a mountain bike in the crew cab standard bed Taco (as tested here), you’ll wrestle to get the tailgate closed. Which somehow makes you feel… like you bought half a truck. 

Tacoma bed size

And that poses the question:

Why struggle with cargo space, when the same amount of money will buy you a FULL SIZE 4×4 that’s big enough to hang a hammock across the backseat? Hell not too long ago I saw a unicorn TRD Pro Tacoma with a MANUAL TRANSMISSION that I totally fell in love with at a local dealership. Until it broke my heart with its price tag of FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS! I spit out my Skittles. I’m sorry but a $50,000 Taco goes against everything that the down-to-earth, rugged & humble Tacoma demographic represents. 

But as much as I checked under the seats trying to find blood diamonds to justify the price tags. AND as much as my brain wanted to keep pointing out ‘better’ options… my heart just loved this Tacoma… the same way it does every time I drive one for more than a day.

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Still – sometimes the ‘better’ choices just don’t feel right.

Tacoma 4x4s just fit like your favorite old pair of shoes. If you own a Tacoma, it ends up being your best buddy that goes everywhere with you… like a good dog. Tacomas are mega-fun to lift & accessorize, and they’re easy to mash around town in & park. They’re highly capable & tough. They’ll wiggle through tight trails way easier than a full-size truck. They don’t have the room, or towing capacity, or killer rebates of the American full sizers. But if it’s got enough for you… then that’s enough, right? Why be weighted down with more than you need just because it’s similarly priced? AND – while you’ll pay a premium for a new 4×4 Taco at the dealer… the resale value on Tacoma 4x4s is about as good as it ever gets in the automotive world. So just think of it more like ‘an investment’ rather than an expense. 

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