My latest midnight Marketplace score was this set of old OEM running boards off a later 92-96 OBS F150.

Here they are, in all their glory… installed, but unpainted on my lowered bricknose F150. They came off a gray truck, which I thought might conveniently match the patina’d gray graphics on this truck. But now I’m thinking matte black ’em like the wheels & other trim pieces. Or… the air-cooled Porsche outlaw in me thought about an off-the-wall mismatched ‘project’ color like sky blue.

lowered OBS F150

I’ve been steadily reviving this 1990 OBS lowered Bricknose F150.

Short backstory: This was my wife’s grandfather’s truck. He bought it new in ’90 & loved it till the day he died… about 15 years ago. It’s been sitting in a sunny pasture (broke) for the last decade. I’ve never messed with an old truck before, so it’s been kind of a fun & unknown & sentimental project for me. (For more background & details on the truck – click here.)


What are your thoughts on these fine Ford running boards?

I posted a pic on my personal Facebook, and they seem more divisive than politics. People either loved ’em… or got angry at ’em. I think they’re staying on the truck, and I think the Flowmaster exhaust needs to reroute & dump right behind them where they kind of just oddly end at the cab. But regardless, I’d like to know what y’all think.

lowered OBS F150

Other Mods to the lowered Bricknose F150…

TUFF T12 wheels in 20×10 -19 squared.

Toyo Proxes ST III in 315/35/20.

Belltech + DJM lowering kits, along with new rear leaf packs & new front bushings.

Hellwig rear sway bar.

lowered OBS F150