Available for the Ford Focus ST and Fiesta ST .

Cost – $145

Boomba wing risers allow you to modify your OEM Fiesta/Focus ST wing positioning… in the amount of time it takes to order a pizza.

I for one, really like the concept of these utilizing your existing ST spoiler. And I love how they make the OEM ST proportions look even more jacked & battle ready.

Plus – Boomba wing risers bypass all the headaches (and costs!) of buying, scheduling, paint-matching, and properly fitting an entirely new aftermarket wing.

BEWARE of knock-offs. You can probably find cheaper-quality imitation products online (eBay/Amazon). However, they’re NOT what you want. The knock-offs do not reposition the wing as well.

Boomba has great step-by-step instructional videos for these wing-risers… making the install very clear, easy, and understandable. You can find the videos on their site under the ‘Installation Guides’ tab. Or just Google “Boomba Fiesta (Focus) wing riser install”.

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