Krowrx will take whatever car you’re driving now, and turn it into one of these…

The teal car is a 1997 Acura Integra (K3). And the purple car is Sinh Nguyen’s 2003 Mazda Miata (K2).


Intrigued? Here’s the breakdown:

Each Exo is designed uniquely to reflect its owner’s personality & intentions. So – no 2 cars will ever come out the same! Even if separate customers start with the exact same chassis, the finished product will be of little-to-no resemblance.

Krowrx braces the vehicle to retain strength & geometry. Then the cutting tools come out, and parts fly. A custom 6-point cage goes in. Customers may opt for a full spec cage, if the car will see track use.

Krowrx custom roll cage

As mentioned, Krowrx works with you throughout the process, to design the car based around your own styles, hobbies & core personality traits.
Imagine… how you’d build the ultimate beach buggy.
Or camping vehicle.
Or drift missile.
Or bike/kayak hauler + ‘canyon carver’ in one.

Imagine all the components you could include for gear, convenience, and customization.
-Like a Surf-Exo with the spare on the roof, and 4 boards mounted diagonally on the back.
-Or an air-cooled VW bus, Exo’d… with a standing platform on the roof.
-Imagine a supercharged Mini Cooper, or hell, even a minivan!
See where this is going?? It unravels & gets crazy real quick.

Krowrx Integra

Krowrx currently offers 150 colors to chose from.
You can usually expect to see about 250lbs of cage/bracing added in for strength & safety… and the amount of weight that comes OUT, is entirely based on the vehicle going under the knife.
On a 5-series BMW, 3,300lbs was removed! On a lighter FWD chassis like this teal Integra, expect more like 1,300lbs.
Turnaround time on one of these little monsters is around 4-5 weeks.

The teal car is a 1997 Acura Integra, & the purple car is a 2003 Mazda Miata.

Krowrx is…
JD Durham – fabrication
Zuk – paint; making all the ugly look good
Boozier – sales, customer service, PR
Colby – web, marketing, electrical
Birmingham, AL

Reach out at KROWRX.COM or FACEBOOK or 765.357.6979

Text by Wooley.  Photos by Sinh Nguyen. Pricing below…

K1 – $4000

They Remove…
Hood (depends)
Trunk (depends)
Most/all plastics

They Add…
Custom 6-8pt roll cage
Custom door bars
Custom bash bars (front & rear)


K2 – $5000

They Remove…
Everything from K1 + more! (it really starts to become unique to the car/chassis at this point)

They Add…
Custom 8-13pt roll cage
Custom door bars
Custom front cage + bash bar
Custom rear bash bar
LED headlights, tails, tag
Lexan/plexi windshield


K3 – $6000

They Remove…
Everything from K2, plus…
Dash removal
Engine & harnesses (for wire tuck & dress-up)
…Annnd everything else goes. Everything. All of it. (but firewall & floorpan)

They Add…
Everything from K2