Just a few days ago California passed massive pro EV legislation, and now they are already asking you not to charge your electric vehicles. The timing on this news is extremely ironic but the long and short of it is that the electrical grid simply can’t handle the current demand. That’s very telling because only about 6% of the cars in California are EV’s and this is already an ongoing problem. Just imagine what will happen when 60% of the cars are electric. And this includes all of the power that California currently gets from other states as well. How much power will we need to generate to meet the demand and how will we generate the power? These are very difficult and real questions that need to have answers and solutions quickly.


Only 6% of their vehicles are electric and this is already an issue. What happens when 60% are EV’s?! #automotivenews #ev #electricvehicle #california #powergrid #electric

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