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It looks like California is officially passing legislation to go almost full on electric by 2035. All new cars sold will by EV’s and a few hybrids. Maybe I’m just worrying too much here, but I can’t help to see so many negatives and drawbacks with this 100% EV push that our government and society is so obsessed with. It was working great when Tesla was doing their thing and other manufacturers were dabbling and learning, but now everyone’s balls are on the band saw. As of right now we simply don’t have the infrastructure, resources, engineering, consumer base, or power capabilities to make this work. This is going to be a very dirty project with a lot of face plants along the way. Is it for the better in the end? I’m not convinced but it looks like we are full steam ahead down this path anyway:


California wants almost all new cars sold to be EV’s by 2035. Is this really the way? Manufacturing and powering EVs is not currently very “green”. #automotivenews #ev #electricvehicle #california #coal #renewableenergy #oil

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