Man – I just heard a crazy story, so I thought I’d share. James Evins is a photographer over in Houston, and he was shooting this blue 350. The shoot was near the airport, and the sun was starting to set – so it was time to pull out the camera rig and get some rig-shots. (note: that’s how photographers get motion shots… you set up a rig on the hood, and then push the car and slow down the shutter so the background blurs and the car stays in focus). Anyway – the rig is a long, hollow piece of pipe, with the camera mounted at the end. James found out that from across the runway… police think they look like a bazooka being strapped to the roof of a car to shoot down airplanes.

The cops came in numbers with guns drawn, made James and the car owner hit the ground, and probably shit his pants. It was pretty intense 30 minutes.  Thus owning all of you photographers who’s only get run off by parking lot security guards. lol