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The big story in the automotive aftermarket industry right now is the battle of The Clean Air Act vs The RPM Act. This is turning out to be a full fledged fight between the EPA and SEMA. There’s a ton that goes into that legislation, but this is basically what it comes down to:

1. The EPA wants to ensure that no factory vehicles use parts to modify any emissions systems. No excuses. This basically means that all race cars will have to be purpose built vehicles, which is way more expensive. Grassroots racing will die quickly, and professional racing will all become the billionaire boys club, like F1.

2. SEMA wants to use the Clean Air Act legislation to ensure that this ruling does not apply to race cars, which would obviously be a massive win for the industry and the sport as a whole.

It’s bad enough that the warp speed EV movement is already putting the automotive industry in jeopardy. Now the EPA is trying to legislate the aftermarket and racing side of things into extinction. I’m not sure why, but the US government seems to have a real boner for killing all things cool when it comes to cars right now. It is our job to stand in their way.


The EPA is coming for the automotive aftermarket industry and racing as a whole. #automotivenews #epa #cleanairact #rpmact #sema #automotiveaftermarket #racecar #modifiedcars

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