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Commit to the cause! Whatever your cause is, whatever gets your blood pumping… immerse yourself in it… and good things will follow. Really live it. Make it such a part of your life that it’s like… the first thing people think of when they think of you. Make it impossible for anyone to mentally detach you from that thing. 

RX-7 turbo

And live your passion selflessly.

Dollars don’t matter. Clout doesn’t matter. Image doesn’t matter. Find the deeper meaning. The real soul-feeding stuff. Help others. Teach them selflessly. Give them your time & your perspective. It’s the best, most rewarding gift you can give. Invest into your passion, by investing into others. If you do that & you really keep it selfless… you will become magnetic. 

RX-7 rear

Cars themselves are superficial & materialistic…

But there are much deeper rewards behind them. Friendships, dedication, perseverance, grit, character, depth, etc. All that stuff is earned. It’s bigger than cars. And it makes you a better version of yourself.

In other words, we’re not just talking cars here; we’re talking passion. You could pretty much replace the word CAR, and fill in the blank with anything else… and if you commit to the cause, the story is the same. 

M Sport Japan

To make it personal…

I woke up to a text today from an old friend that said, “Happy belated birthday Wooley. I am very proud of you and your success man.” My natural reflex was to text him back and say, “Bro THANK YOU… but S3 has got a foot & a half in the grave these days.” Most days… it doesn’t FEEL like success these days to be honest.

But then I stopped… because… I realized that’s not what he was talking about at all. The success he was talking about had nothing to do with revenue or ad deals. It’s the success of not losing yourself. The success of growing up to be exactly who we said we were gonna be. And of having a beautiful family that builds you up. Never letting sensibility or laziness or comfort creep in. The success that’s found in putting passion first & practicality second… or 10th. And then a rush came over me, because that’s like literally THE BEST COMPLIMENT. And I truly appreciate it! Trust me, nothing’s easy & there will always be self-doubt. But I’m pretty sure at the end of your rope… that’s what’s gonna matter, right? 

Mazda RX-7

This is Josh Freeman’s Mazda RX-7.

And when I wrote all that crap above… I had Josh Freeman in mind. Josh has immersed himself into car culture to the point where… it’s come back around & defined him. Like waves in the ocean continuously pushing him forward. You do actually get to a point where it gives back. I have never heard anyone say anything but the best things about Josh. He gives his time to this community, he gives his friendship, and his creativity… and he always keeps an aura of positivity & possibility around him. And that’s not easy! It’s also something you have to work for. You have to CHOOSE it. 

Mazda RX-7

Because of Josh’s commitment to car culture & the cause in general…

This FD RX-7 kind of found its way home to him. See – the car belonged to a classmate’s parents when Josh was in middle school & high school. And it was like… the ultimate to Josh. A dream car if ever there was one. He’d see it around town & at school. It just stood out. And had a vibrance to it that was more than a car needed to be. It spoke to Josh, and totally reenforced his need to have one someday. Then the car broke & went off the road… collecting dust in a garage.

Throughout the rest of high school & intermittently during Josh’s college years… Josh would periodically jokingly nudge his friend about getting her parents to sell him the car. But you know – they wanted to hang on to it. The car had been in the family for a long time, and they planned to fix it someday. Totally understandable.

But as time went by, they saw how car culture had become such a commitment & driving force in Josh’s life. They saw the passion he had for it, and the community around him. And when the time was right, they reached out… knowing that Josh would give the RX-7 the second chance it deserved. 

Text by Wooley   Photos by Taylor Galster


car app


vertical doors

93 Rx7 13B Modifications


1/250 FD’s with OEM red interior

Recaro RZ (drivers seat) with Kevlar backing

Worksbell X Nightrunner Rapfix 2 quick release (1/100), & short hub adaptor

MeanStreets x Vertex x Fatlace Steering wheel (43/100)

326 Power “Rally Quick” Tochikuru style Steering wheel (15/100)

AEM CD7 Digital Dash Display

JDM bodykit


M-Sport Japan complete body kit

Custom paint job in Millennium Jade. This paint code came on Nissan R34s in 2004 on the VSPEC model

Candy Apple Red engine bay

99+ JDM fog lamps and housing

Final Form Japan LED tail lights

Shine Auto CF roof spoiler & low profile trunk spoiler

Ganador carbon mirrors



CHIPs LBC Rotors

Complete engine rebuild with Goopy apex seals

Eccentric Motorsports bridgeport

Cleaned & painted casings

ACT HD6 puck clutch kit with ACT flywheel

Auto Counter Weight

Oil pan brace

Setrab oil cooler

Radium fuel rails with regulator

Injector Dynamics 1050/2000cc with 48mm top hats

Walbro 525 Pump

Borg Warner EFR 8374 Turbo 1.05 AR with SXE front cover

Turbo blanket & guard

Tial Q BOV Black

2x Tial 38mm MVS wastegates

Roiel head & T4 flange

Eccentric Motorsports custom turbo manifold

GReddy compression elbow

Custom downpipe & midpipe

Reinhard Japan semi-titanium dual exit

Davies Craig EWP

Chip’s billet water pump delete

Custom water pump mount

Sake Bomb Racing meth kit & tank (sprays at 15lbs of boost)

Prototype Eccentric Motorsports v-mount intercooler kit

Upgraded radiator fans

Custom pie-cut stainless intercooler piping

Haltech electronics

Blitz type 03

Suspension & Wheels

Custom-build BC Racing coilovers with upgraded springs at a 16k spring rate all around

Megan Racing UCAs & LCAs

Triple Chrome Blitz Type 03’s with 24k gold hardware

RX-7 FD coilovers