Cobb Tuning Gear w/ JST Performance Tune on Fiesta ST = 25% More Torque


Stock Numbers: 167 horsepower / 222 torque at the wheels – best.

    160 horsepower / 210 torque at the wheels – real world.

    …..both pulls on the same Dynapack hub dyno (aka: heartbreaker)

Cobb Tuning Gear w/ JST Performance Tune on Fiesta ST


Cobb Tuning catted downpipe – $495

Fiesta ST Cobb Downpipe

Cobb Tuning exhaust – $745

Fiesta ST Cobb exhaust

Cobb Tuning drop-in filter – $49 AND…

Cobb Tuning intercooler kit – $895

Fiesta ST Cobb intercooler

Cobb Tuning rear motor mount – $155

Fiesta ST Cobb motor mount

Cobb Tuning Accessport – $500


=195 horsepower / 250 torque at the wheels.

…..these numbers are based on a DynoMite Land-and-Sea inertia dyno

Then Add…..

JST Performance custom tune – $400

I took the car to Brian Tyson of JST Performance (JSTUNED), who specializes in ST/RS cars. We made the 2.5 hour trip to have Brian tune the car in person, but if you’re outside of driving range, everything can be done remotely through the Cobb Accessport & email. It’s pretty crazy/unbelievable to watch him tune cars on the other side of the country from his computer! Brian Tyson put a custom tune on the Cobb Accessport, yielding new numbers of…..

…..207 horsepower / 290 torque at the wheels on the DynoMite dyno)

Then in the name of consistency, we took the car back to the original Dynapack for a reading of…..

…..180 horsepower / 260 torque at the wheels back on the Dynapack hub dyno

JST Performance

To Summarize…..

…..That’s about $3000 for +30 wheel-horsepower gain, and +54 wheel-torque AVERAGED over two different dyno brands.  

…..In other words —> you can expect about a 25% overall torque increase.

…..But more important than the ‘final numbers’ (which will always be arbitrary based on different dynos/temps/tweaks/etc), notice on the chart HOW & WHERE the car is making power. The Fiesta is at max torque by 3,000rpm. Also notice that the JST Performance tune is smoother.

…..Also, the Cobb Accessport gives to you additional real world features, like adjustable launch control AND flat-foot-shifting.