Text by Wooley     Photos by Jonathan Walker     1964 Chevy Nova

Twin-Turbo Right-Hand-Drive Chevy II Nova


There’s no ‘out of bounds’.

If you want to be in a box, then go join some boxed-in social media car page. Ya’ll can go create elitism & exclusivity around yourselves where there is none. Gaze at each other’s little weenies & convince yourselves they’re pretty big actually.

But that’s not what we do here.

right hand drive Nova sparco steering wheel


Call us old school, archaic, or even out of touch. We’ll take it as a compliment.

Because this magazine… this ‘printed’ magazine… it’s not about any one genre. That’s where you screwed up. It’s not about an import, or a domestic. It’s not about drift, or Euro, or USDM replicating JDM replicating USDM… or any of that sub-subcultured nonsense. This mag is all about a certain mentality. And it’s NOT a mentality of conformity. 

Chevy II Nova

From Day-1, conformity & approval was NEVER what the import culture was about. Yet look at y’all now.

…Like a bunch of toddlers in coloring class – looking back for the teacher to tell you how good you’re doing. Well – it’s Sucker Day boys & girls.

twin turbo Nova

1964 Chevy II Nova

Small Block Chevy with twins turbos

Turbonetics 58mm turbos

500hp at the wheels

4-speed manual transmission

Monroe Georgia

Right-Hand -Drive conversion

NASCAR steering column

Sparco steering wheel

Wilwood floor-mounted pedals


Checked Racing front suspension

QA1 coilovers

12-bolt rear end with 4-link

15×10 wheels  


“I’ve had this car 13 years now. It was a 6-second 1/8 drag car when i bought it, but I changed it up from drag, to more of a street/strip setup. …Even auto-crossed it. It’s had 6 different engines and 5 different transmissions over the years. But as I’ve gotten more & more interested in drift culture… I wanted the Nova to reflect some of that styling & attitude. I wanted something I could take to any show across any demographic. A car that would fit in anywhere, but stand out everywhere.”

—Paul Beasley, Turbo Inc


Twin-Turbo Right-Hand-Drive Chevy II Nova



Import Alliance car show