Things are a little bit different when you’re dealing with a Mitsubishi. With a 90s Honda, for example, the car came from the factory as kind of a minimalist car. Lightweight, agile, and
bare-bones. Not a lot of bells & whistles. And the great thing about that is it left everything
wide open in the world of the aftermarket. You can do anything to a Honda. The sky seems like it’s the limit. But Mitsubishi had a little bit of a different angle on it…

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Custom full vinyl wrap by Carbon Wraps Orlando
Matte Olive Drab
2006 JDM Evolution IX Front Bumper
2006 JDM Evolution IX Rear Bumper
Custom blacked out headlights
Evolution VII UK tail lights
Evolution VII UK side markers
Evolution UK badge
Polarized mirrors
Seibon carbon fiber trunk
VIS carbon fiber hood
20% window tint
Front & rear tow hooks
Evo Dave fender mod
Vortex generator
Perrin short antenna
OEM window visors
Version:Select front lip
Version:Select widebody rear +30mm
Hella Supertone horns
Custom front lip canards

2006 Evolution IX front and rear seats
AEM wideband
AEM Tru-Boost
Cubby delete gauge pod
BLOX weighted shift knob
Megan Racing short shifter
AMS shifter bushings
BR shifter base bushings
Carbon fiber vinyl wrap on dash
Carbon fiber vinyl wrap center console
Evolution IX RS dash trim
Alpine CD player
12” Punch P2 sub w/ amp
Evolution IX floor mats
Personal Racing steering wheel & hub assembly

Megan Racing track coilovers
Cusco front & rear sway bars
Stop-Tech rotors
Posi Quiet Pads
CCW LM5s – 18×11 w/ brushed gold centers
Bridgestone tires – 255/40/18
20mm Spacers Rear

Evolution IX turbocharger
MAP IX install kit
Ported exhaust manifold
Megan Racing downpipe
Megan Racing O2 housing
Precision 1200cc injectors
WB 255 LPH fuel pump
STM 4in speed density intake w/ K&N filter
GSC S2 274 cams
Ferrara dual valve spring
Helix cam gears w/ Gates timing belt
Muse upper & lower intercooler pipe
Tial Q blow off valve
Polished heat shield
R/T Ernie custom intercooler w/ ETS 3.5” Core
Muse mini battery tray
MAP mini battery
JunBL Racing exhaust w/ custom test pipe
Mishimoto 4 core Evolution 6 radiator
DME radiator diversion panel
Torque Solutions front motor mount
JMF oil catch can
Domo oil cap
Valve cover – shaved smooth, gold)
Carbon Fiber coil pack cover
JMF coolant overflow can
Exedy HD twin disc clutch
STM clutch stop
STM stainless steel clutch line
River City Powder Coated
Intake manifold
Intake pipe
Intercooler pipes
Fuel rail
Radiator brackets
Strut bar
Valve cover
Tow hooks
Radiator air diversion panel
Freddie at Spec-Ops Motorsports Tuned on E85!
450WHP/416WTQ @ 29 psi

Freddie at Spec-Ops Motorsports, English Racing,
Touge Factory, Version:Select, Carbon Wraps
Orlando, FUNKfashion, Overnight Decals From
Japan, CCW, River City Power Coating, And My
one and only Jax Melia!