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This E46 BMW is a very special candy, because it’s Coyote swapped with a Roush supercharger. Why you ask? Why the fok not? <—That’s to be read in a British accent… Jamie Tartt’s accent to be precise IYKYK. Look folks, in a pussy-cat era where masculinity is considered toxic & ridiculed, Roush is one of the last-standing quintessential blow-it-out-your-ass American go-fast companies. Just saying the name Roush kind of puts a twitch in your pants, doesn’t it?

Coyote swap BMW

coyote swap BMW

Not only that, but the Ford Coyote engine is flat-out…

One of the most badass-sounding, hammer engines to ever be produced. You might not see that now…. but you will in 30 years when every car is an Apple AirPod. Trust me, I’m from the future. It’s just that nowadays – Mustangs are still so common on American streets… that we take the 5.0 for granted. Hell you can’t sit on the patio of any restaurant & get through a beer without hearing one. But when you hear that Coyote sound coming from something different… like a BMW for example… it just makes your ears tune into the Coyote’s charisma that much more-er. So here’s the deal: 

v8 swap

BMW E46 race car interior


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Chad Anderson grew up around dirt track racing in America’s heartland somewhere…

His dad shot photos for Nascar Illustrated. And eventually, Chad got a job at Roush Performance & packed it all up to move to Detroit. But apparently Detroit doesn’t have any dirt tracks; everything is paved. Which reminds me, if you want to “fix climate change”, worry more about not paving all the damn cities, and worry less about my ’88 CRX without cats. I’m from the future remember, I know what I’m talking about here. Anyway, there were no dirt tracks to be found, but Chad did hear about this new hip thing called drifting. 

BMW drifting

Lowered E46 BMW 4 door

So Chad picked up his camera & went to shoot some photos at a drift event 

He didn’t really know what drifting was to be honest, and he definitely didn’t know anybody associated with the sport. But you know how the drift community is… all friendly & shit. So Chad pretty immediately got hooked & networked in. And it didn’t take much longer for Chad to realize he needed a damn drift car & not just a camera! 

• photos by Sam Igel II •

drift cars

Chad Anderson

So that was about 6 years ago, when Chad bought this E46 BMW… 

He wanted to ease in & learn the ropes. But being a country boy with a background in 4-wheelers & dirt tracks… he learned the ropes pretty quickly. And Chad really settled into the moderately low-power E46 BMW chassis.

drift car

E46 Konig countergram

A couple years after that… 

Ol’ Chad Anderson got the itch for more ponies. He strongly considered turbocharging the BMW engine. And he definitely considered an LS swap. But then he was like…

“Oh yeah that’s right… I work at Roush!”

So Chad found a deal on a gen-2 Ford Coyote 5.0 & stuffed it into that E46 BMW… like a gentleman. The cherry on top is the Roush supercharger! Now I know what you’re thinking… 

coyote 5.0 swap BMW

E46 BMW drift

Why not just buy a Ford Mustang & drift that? 

You certainly could. Mustangs have gained a lot of popularity in the drift world, and that’ll only continue to gain traction (no reverse-pun intended). And actually – Chad has a later-model S197 Mustang that he drives daily on the street. But when it came to drifting, Chad really just likes the E46 BMW chassis. He likes the way it drives, and he knows it well. Plus – Chad was already pretty invested into his E46. And surprisingly, apparently around Detroit, it’s actually a lot easier to find E46 parts around the junkyard than newer Mustang parts. So from a serviceability aspect, the BMW is actually in a pretty sweet spot. Plus c’mon… wild & crazy swaps are just cooler in this world. 

5.0 swap

Konig countergram

So Chad is doing his thing with the supercharged Coyote-swapped E46 BMW… 

The car’s gotten pretty serious obviously, and Chad has a real knack for this drifting thing. I accidentally asked him that stereotypical dumb question, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” And Chad saw it like this: 

He got hooked on this sport as an outlet to have fun, create friendships, & blow off steam. As he & the car have progressed, Chad’s naturally moving into more competitive stuff. Which is fun! But in addition to the fun, it can also be frustrating… and definitely expensive. So Chad is going with the flow. And he’s already decided upfront that he’s not gonna force it. If his path ends up leading to more sponsorships & Pro Ams… great! But if-&-when the competition ever starts to outweigh the camaraderie… it’s no contest. 

mustang swap BMW

Chad Anderson


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• photos by Sam Igel II •

See this E46 BMW’s mods below… 

All fabrication was done by Chad in his 2-car garage. And the Coyote-swap took about 4.5 months from start to finish.

BMW drift car


Gen-2 Coyote Mustang engine

Billet oil pump gears

Roush supercharger

Dayco supercharger belt

Stock block & pistons, only change is gapped top piston ring and running Driven FR-50 oil

S197 Mustang power steering pump with… 

ChaseBays reservoir & Setrab power steering cooler

C&R S550 Mustang radiator

Radium fuel rails, pressure regulator, and surge tank 

Stock saddle fuel tank still, with a Walbro 450 pump

Custom headers, engine mounts, & transmission mounts

Tuned by Jem-Sport using HPTuners MPVI3

roush supercharger

E46 BMW drifting


6-speed MT-82 transmission

Ford 8.8 rear differential (from an Explorer)

SLG axles

Aluminum driveshaft

Konig Countergram E46

Konig BMW

Wheels & Suspension:

Wisefab angle kit

325xi trailing arms

Silver’s 2-way rears, single adjustable fronts 

Konig Countergrams in 18×8.5 front, and 18×10.5 rear

Inline hydro e-brake

Stock 325i rotors & calipers

ChaseBays brake booster delete

drift E46 BMW


Big Duck Club overfenders & front lip

Mustang dash swap


S550 Mustang dash, center console, & shifter

Functional S550 Mustang gauges

Containment Seat (driver) & bucket seat (passenger)

6pt harnesses

FD spec rollcage

E46 FD rollcage

Thanks to… 

First & foremost, Sarah, who is Chad’s girlfriend, spotter… and just as much ‘a part of this’ as Chad is!

Dayco North America

Big Duck Club

Silvers Suspension

Tire Stacks

Konig Wheels


Seems Legit Garage 


Driven Racing Oil

E46 BMW sedan drift

E46 BMW drift

coyote swap

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