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The new American Toyota Land Cruiser DOES look cool… but am I the only one who’s a little bit confused here? Is the new Land Cruiser not basically competing in the same space as a Pro 4Runner? While also basically competing with its own sister Lexus GX 550? Prices really don’t vary too much between any of the models when you start tinkering with options. And size-wise, there seems to be a lot of overlap. Are they all speaking to the same customer? And I guess… is that necessarily a bad thing? 


Land Cruiser American

I mean look, Toyota has established a very potent…

Body-on-frame 4×4 SUV lineup. From the new Sequoia, to this new Land Cruiser, to the incoming new-model 4Runner, to the new Lexus GX 550… Toyota(/Lexus) is filling in all the gaps. And let’s not exclude the Grand Highlander & Highlander on the softer-end of the spectrum. Or the Tundra & Tacoma on the pickup side. OR – the Lexus LX 600, which fills-out the top-end of the rugged/luxury 4×4 market.

land cruiser lift kit

Land Cruiser square headlight

But… where is the obvious Wrangler/Bronco competitor??

I really hoped the new Land Cruiser was gonna drop its top & doors, in celebration of the old FJs or something. There seems to be such a wide-open lane for Toyota in that market. But sadly, the back window doesn’t even roll down on the new Land Cruiser (like the current 4Runner). I don’t fully understand Toyota’s aversion to open air these days lol. Yet nevertheless… 

Land Cruiser interior

Land cruiser tail light

The more I look at the new Toyota Land Cruiser… 

The more appealing it becomes. You cannot argue with the new Land Cruiser’s infectious classic/modern design. Nor can you argue Toyota’s proven reputation for capability, durability, & reliability. In a modern automotive landscape that’s so obviously driven by virtue signaling & planned obsolescence, it’s nice to see a car company unapologetically stick to the roots that made it successful. It’s nice to see that Toyota understands their customer base. 

•Toyota’s longest-running nameplate stays true to its heritage as a durable off-roader, this time at a more accessible MSRP in the mid-$50,000 range. 

•Exclusively powered by the i-FORCE MAX turbocharged 2.4-liter 4-cylinder hybrid powertrain that produces 326hp & 465tq. 

•Base ‘1958’ model = round headlights. Premium model = square headlights. And the 1st Edition exclusive/limited/loaded/release model = also round headlights like the base 1958.

base Toyota land cruiser

land cruiser America

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