tire stickers

Yeah that title’s a freaking lie. Sorry, wish it wasn’t. But I wanted to put this idea in your head: Wouldn’t it be neat if during all this electrification hoopla, BMW created a DRIVING ENTHUSIAST’S tribute series of sorts. Kind of like Scion was to Toyota… but successful. A purist sub-brand, where 3 BMW ‘club models’ would be built on modern EV architecture, but with simplified timeless retro-inspired shapes & designs. And a throwback driving experience that recaptured BMW’s core driving dynamics. Imagine that……

But don’t hold your breath…

And don’t let yourself get numb to the fact that: The age of electrification could have been so much cooler for the automotive world, had it not been forced I mean implemented in the worst way: Unexciting, autonomous, political, and under a false pretense of sustainability. As car enthusiasts, we need to be more vocal about that.

“A circular economy is our vision for the long term.”  Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG

He said it. Is that your vision too? Do you want to pay more & own less? Without the freedom to modify & customize? Look up circular economy if you’re not familiar. Because it seems like the best practice of ‘a circular economy’ is to keep driving, loving, & maintaining your current already-manufactured vehicle. 

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