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Genesis is killing the G70… and that’s truly a shame. It’s the best sports-sedan that nobody bought. And as a car enthusiast, it’s hard to see a car-maker honestly try… and still lose. Sales of the G70 were never good from the start, and they had been dwindling. But the Genesis G70 with the 3.3T was honestly one of the good ones.

The fact that Genesis G70 sales struggled

Shows that mainstream consumers frankly don’t value well-engineered, great-driving, engaging cars anymore. We have crossed into the age of the transportation appliance… where ‘the way a vehicle drives’ is alarmingly far down on the priority list. And above it, are things like Apple CarPlay, Apple CarPlay, and Apple CarPlay. 

Read our review of the Genesis G70 3.3T from a couple years ago. And watch for the G70 3.3T on the used market if you’re looking for a good buy on a great sports-sedan. 

Genesis G70 headlights

Genesis G70 interior diamond stitch

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