I don’t mind plugging a product if it really works!

And CRC Power Lube works! Sometimes things seem broken & beyond repair. But really… they’re just dry or seized. CRC is one of our advertisers in the magazine. And one of the perks of that, is they sent us a few boxes of their various products – from Brakleen to Freeze-Off to this CRC Power Lube.

This is our newest project car, a 1984 Porsche 944 (on the right)…

I bought it for $1000 with no history or prior knowledge on the car… other than it’s obviously been sitting for a very long time. Remarkably, I managed to get it running in an afternoon (watch video how). So with that uplifting victory, I ordered the next round of parts to tackle the clutch, which are still shipping. But my dad hadn’t even seen the 944 yet, and he’s the reason I’m so into Porsches. So I figured we stop by and check out the car. I already had my tool bag in the Pathy, and in that bag was a can of CRC Power Lube.

CRC Power Lube

As he walked around the 944 I mentioned, “Pretty sure the cars been hit on the passenger side… because the door doesn’t want to close.”

As I was demonstrating the binding door closure, my dad said, “Why don’t you spray some of that CRC on the hinges?” So I did… and I couldn’t believe it! The door came back to life 100%! It’s THE BEST FEELING when you’ve just purchased a seemingly disastrous project car, and then you have these game-changing & momentum-changing victories!! It’s the best…

So then we moved to the rear hatch that wouldn’t open at all…

On 944’s it common for the hatch key-release on the trunk to fail with age. And unlike most Japanese hatchbacks, there is no cable-release lever in the interior for convenience. So you’re just out of luck. I figure while we were on a winning streak with that passenger door, and while the CRC Power Lube was literally in my hand… I’d give it a try.

944 hatch stuck

OMG it worked!!

I was told I’d have to replace the button/key, and I’d resigned myself to that fate. But now the 944’s hatch/trunk opens good as new!

So when you get a new project car…

Seriously, do yourself a favor and run through all the hinges & twisty-things with a can of this stuff. CRC Power Lube works! You can hear it in my voice in that previous video… I’m legitimately geeking out. I know CRC is good stuff… but honestly I’d have bet BOTH the door AND the hatch were beyond saving. In a lot of cases, 2 simple things: A can of CRC Power Lube + a can of CRC Electric Parts Cleaner can really give you a serious jumpstart on your new project car. One time I bought a $102 Nissan S12 200SX, and had it running same-day just by cleaning all the electric connections with CRC… but that’s another story for another time.

Ruby Red Porsche

ACT clutch