I tend to dislike G35s…

Infinity made too many of them… in unexciting colors. G35s have lost all their value, which relates to them becoming cheaply-modified. And most of the G35s I run across seems to be clapped-out, riced-out, not maintained… riding on plasti-dipped wheels with cringy decals & hazy headlights. So as time passed… I just dismissed Infinity G35s altogether, and they kind of faded from my radar. Then, I made a local friend who owns a pretty clean example. He was beyond-passionate about G35’s, and Nissan altogether. And riding around town in his G35 coupe, I began to understand the G’s vibe. 

stanced G35 coupe

In a tuner world filled with either hot hatches, domestic muscle, or pricey paddly-shifty sports cars… the G is a true ‘sports coupe’.

The Infinity G35 coupe is a little generic and/or lukewarm on the surface… but also pretty pure & timeless in its core ingredients as a driver’s car. It’s a clean-lined coupe with high door sills, a manual transmission option, crisp NA V6 sounds, serious durability, and RWD. I began to realize that there is perhaps a hidden gem underneath the fallen resale value of the G35. 

bagged G35 Coupe

Ray Prado was an Integra GSR owner when his wife went out and bought an Ivory Pearl G35 Coupe back in ’06. 

Being the badass wife she is, she threw some coilovers, wheels, and a lip on it… and it made Ray a little jealous lol. So eventually, Raymond let his GSR go, and got a G35 of his own in 2010. And over the last decade, he’s just stayed true to it. 

perfect G35 coupe

This G35 Coupe checks all the boxes…

This car is a perfect example a G35 in 2021, with perfect photos from Patrick Lauder to back it up. It’s all sooooo meticulously clean. Every nut & bolt has been polished & massaged, BUT NOT without having the power to back it up. 

Work S1r wheels

Ray’s running a Vortech V3 supercharger, putting down about 425 HP. And if I remember my facts correctly…

Vortech made a supercharger kit for this car back in the day, but then discontinued it a few years back, as demand weaned off & 350z/G35 purchase-prices fell to rock bottom. BUT MORE RECENTLY – there has been a weird & consistent resurgence of demand for the 350/G Vortech kit, which is a sign that the G/Z chassis is on an upswing. To meet the demand, Vortech has brought back a new version for the VQ! 

Examples like Ray Prado’s G35 Coupe make me rethink some of the stereotypes that we associate with different driver’s cars/brands/chassis…

We all do it in our own way: whether it’s the stereotyped drift missile 240SX, the crowd-smashing Mustang, the ricer tin-can Civic, or the boomer Corvette. It’s not always like that. There are enthusiasts who see past the stereotype barriers. People who genuinely just think a certain car is cool… and want to make the most out of the platform. Personally, I think that’s bitchin’. Variety is the spice of life, right? 

G35 19 inch wheels

So next time you’re scrolling through Marketplace looking for your next potential project, don’t let ‘stigma’ sway your search so much…

Just because a car is cheap, doesn’t necessarily make it a bad thing. Do your research: Check the aftermarket potential, look up some photos of tastefully modified versions across the globe, and see if you get inspired. At the end of the day, the only opinion that matters is your own. 

slammed G35 coupe

Text by Hunter Rollins   Photos by Patrick Lauder

The cleanest G35 Coupe – Exterior:

  • Kuruma front bumper
  • OCG CF front splitter & side splitters
  • 06 sport sides & projector headlights
  • JDM taillights & corners
  • Inven roof spoiler
  • Custom molded lip spoiler to factory trunk
  • Ionic Dynamics CF rear diffuser

G35 supercharged

Engine: (Tuned by Shaun Church from Church Automotive Testing)

  • Full wire tuck
  • Color matched valve covers
  • Polished everything
  • Chromed Bolts & 200 + SS Allen head screws replacing the stock bolts
  • Vortech V3 Supercharger
  • RK Titanium custom charge pipe
  • Koyo V Core 36mm aluminum racing radiator
  • OSIRIS management
  • CJM fuel rails
  • Bosch EV14 1000CC injectors
  • Aeromotive fuel pump
  • ARC cooling plate, strut bar, oil cap, and oil pan
  • Tanabe Exhaust (cerakoted)
  • Earls oil cooler
  • Fast Intentions test pipes
  • Rare JDM aluminum under tray
  • Shaved & color matched core support and battery covers

G35 recaro race seats


  • Suede headliner, pillars, & door cards
  • Emmtuning custom steering wheel & interior accent pieces
  • Tanabe Guages (Boost, oil press, and oil temp)
  • ARC Ti knob
  • Custom Recaro Sportline seats (leather/alcantara with red stitching)
  • Rear seats match front
  • Chromed harness bar
  • Black Takata harnesses

G35 Project Mu

Wheels / Brakes / Suspension:

  • SPL front and rear camber kits
  • Energy suspension bushings
  • Stillen swaybars
  • GT Spec rear tie bar
  • Airlift Performance front & rear struts/bags
  • Accuair e-level management 
  • Dual 440cc compressors and 4-gal specialties tank (stealth setup)
  • Project Mu front & rear big brake kit, with 355F & 335R mm slotted rotors
  • Work S1R wheels (19×10.5 +0 rear 19×9.5 +0 front)
  • Toyo Proxes 1 235/35/19 F  255/35/19 R
  • Project Kicks R40 lug nuts