Dodge just released their “Charger Daytona SRT Concept”… giving us the first glimpse into their E-Muscle future. But will anyone give e-shit?

Beauty is subjective… but by most accounts, Dodge nailed the design. It’s sinister; it’s badass; and it’s NOT a Mustang Mach-E. So thank you Muscle-Car Jesus for that.

It should be damn fast. Dodge is claiming it outperforms the Hellcat. But c’mon, what higher-end EV ISN’T fast? The mission for Dodge – is to capture the FULL ESSENCE of a ‘muscle car’… not just another point-n-shoot EV. Can that be done in an electronic world?

The synthetic sound from the fake/amplified exhaust? Fake transmission shifts? Please don’t fake it. We appreciate that Dodge for trying to bring attitude to EVs. But there’s a real fine line between goosebumps & gimmicks. Stay on the right side of that line.

MXP exhaust