Dodge has officially announced that 2023 will be the final run for manufacturing and selling new gas powered Chargers and Challengers. Wooley had a great write up on this that can be found here:

This news is alarming and exciting all at the same time. The good news is that Dodge is truly Su setting these muscle cars as we know them in style by offering several new colors, trim packages, and allowing customers to customize their own car. This means that you could literally build a 1 of 1 car that never has a chance of being made again. Car collectors and investors everywhere are creaming their pants at the thought. The sad news is that this signs to Dodge jumping on the bandwagon and going all in on EV. This will be a good one to pay attention to in the near future as the news will hitting coming out fast and often.


Dodge has announced that 2023 will be last call on all gas powered Chargers and Challengers. Buy them while you still can! #dodge #challenger #charger #stelantis #ev #electricvehicle #dodgecharger #dodgechallenger #hellcat #demon #redeye

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