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Not all Z’s are created equal.

While I was at Helen Import Day I was immediately taken back with one particular car. A kind of car that normally, I don’t pay much attention to. But this one – this one had all of my attention. Meet James Moore and his twin turbo 300ZX. Definitely not your average Z car. Everywhere you look, there’s something to talk about. So… let’s talk about it.

Twin Turbo 300ZX

Ownership History

Before we go into the specs, let’s talk about the history of this Z32. James purchased this 300ZX in 2009. The Z has been through several iterations since 2014, as it remained relatively stock for the first 5 years he had it. Kinda crazy to think about as I can’t even keep a car for 5 years it seems… anyway. After 13 years, the car is now in its current guise. Get ready.

300ZX Twin Turbo Engine Bay

Engine & Drivetrain

This VG30DETT is DEFINITELY not stock. For starters: Wiseco Pistons, Carillo Rods, Z1 Motorsports head setup with valves, springs, retainers & camshaft. Yet, factory Nissan bearings for main & rods. Don’t worry – these can handle quite a bit of boost. Z1 had a very large hand in building & tuning this engine. All told, this car makes a whopping 655HP thanks to their expertise. That’s just nuts for a totally streetable car like this. I know there’s tons I’m not listing, but you can see Z1 logos all throughout the engine bay – you definitely get the idea! Nothing but quality work under the hood to match the rest of the car.

Enkei Wheels 300ZX

Wheels, Tires, & Brakes

The power gets put down through a set of Nitto NT05’s – square setup. The widebody kit allows for the same fit on the front & rear – 275/35ZR18’s on all 4 corners. And they’re fitted to a super concave set of Enkei RS05RR’s. The finish on the wheels really blend well with the color schemes on the car. Lastly, hiding behind the wheels are the huge, upgraded brakes. Again, Z1 stuff here. Both the front and rear discs are a 2-piece construction designed for the 370Z. Insane to see on this car.

Helen Georgia 300ZX

Exterior Design

For those of you that have not yet figured out the color, it is Nardo Gray. Never have I ever seen this color look better on a non-VW Group car. The muted tones allow for the body lines to really shine, and the reflection off the paint is kinda trippy to look at. The body kit is all custom from tip to tail, courtesy of TwinZ Design. 13 pieces in total, if I’m counting right. And look Ma – no rivets! I know it’s a very polarizing thing, but I am a massive fan of molded widebody kits. Call me crazy or an anti-purist, but I’ll die on this hill. The last thing that really ties it all together is the lights. Both the front and rear assemblies come from a J spec 99 Z32. The guts were swapped-out on the tail lights and they have turn signal sequencers inside.

300ZX Interior


James continued the exterior cleanliness theme inside of the car. Starting with a pair of leather bucket seats, leather shift boot + e-brake, and leather Sparco wheel. There’s a lot of little details that went into the cabin area. Overall, the car hardly has a drop of color showing. In the center, you’ll find an upgraded head unit that displays the car when you turn it on. James is also a car audio aficionado, and has a tasteful stereo setup. It integrates a mixture of OEM Bose speakers as well as some he added on to enhance the sound. A very well done setup. Here’s a couple photos of the interior:

300ZX Custom Display

Custom Trunk 300ZX

I’m sure I’m missing a lot of details but…

This 300ZX is nothing short of the perfect Z32 for me personally. For a platform I don’t often find myself gravitating towards, I couldn’t get away from this one. Genuinely, all around, this is the cream of the crop when it comes to the 300ZX platform. Other Z owners should be drawing inspiration from James and his many years of modification and ownership. Thanks again to James for letting me document this car, I had a great time hanging with you and talking cars. Next time – more locations for photos!

Twin Turbo 300ZX Butterfly

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Text & Photos by Ben Battles