Helen Import Day returns for the 8th time in Helen, GA.

If you’ve never been to Helen, imagine an old German town (ye olde style) in the middle of the mountains. It’s as the kids call it “a vibe.” Also, a perfect place to host car shows and other automotive related events. Over the weekend, I made the 3 hour drive from my place to Helen Import Day to cover the event. Here’s what I saw:

Main Showcase

S2000 Registration

I showed up a few minutes early to get some cars rolling in. This S2000 caught my eye immediately.

Bagged Acura Battlegang

Shoutout to my friends over at BattleGang. They always bring out the quality vehicles.

Suzuki Cappuccino Racecar

This Cappuccino is one of my all time favorites. Just look at it! All of the aero – looks like a bonafide race car. Also, notice the golf cart next to it. Almost the same size.

James Moore 300ZX TT

There will definitely be more of this 300ZX coming soon! Keep it tuned here, this is one you don’t want to miss!

Jamie Stancil Tralude

Always great seeing J-me Stancil at shows! Turbo 4WS Prelude and the Tralude!

Battlegang Silverado

B A T T L E G A N G  x  T R U C K – that is all.

Dustin's Bagged Lexus VIP

All of the main showcase cars were very well represented. You can really tell that the owners are taking time to properly care for their cars.

2JZ supra & 2JZ RX-7

Now these guys FLEW up behind me in line to get in. Over 2,000hp between them. Oh, and take a closer look at what’s under the RX-7’s hood.

ATL Crew Jade Motorsport

These guys NEVER disappoint. Only the most quality cars every time.

Lifted Smart Car

Yes, that’s a lifted Smart car. One of my personal favorites from the show. 215/75R15’s have never looked bigger on a car.

Booth Cars

Bagged LC500

Even the booth cars at Helen Import Day were lit. Can’t remember the last time I ever saw an LC500 modified.

BridgeMoto Booth

Speaking of booths – our friends from BridgeMoto were also in attendance! Always so happy to see their faces.

RB26 Swapped Datsun

Man, I wish I got a better photo of the engine bay. This 280Z has an RB26 swap mated to an RB25 trans. Totally nuts. I’d love to revisit this car one day. If someone knows the owner, tell them to message us!!!

Mitsubishi Evo 5 & 8

I definitely got my fill of excellent Evo’s, Supra’s and Skyline’s at the show. But, if I have to choose, this Evo 5 is perfect. Very OEM+. I’d love to own one in the future.

Mazda Familia Slammed

The Mazda Familia wagon is like a steak… a rare medium, well done. But this one knocked it out of the ballpark. Simplicity while being incredibly custom. This is the one.

Spectator Lot

Bagged Lexus GS

Believe it or not, everything I’m about to show you came from the spectator lot. It really was like having a second car show adjacent to the main one.

Supercharged S2K

No need to ask what’s under the hood here… and it sounds incredible.

Ford Lightning Sleeper

I NEED to know what’s going on under the hood. No idea who drives this, but I NEED to know.

Bagged FRS BRZ Rocket Bunny

I’m a sucker for Rocket Bunny, Liberty Walk and all things widebody. This one is no exception.

Rocket Bunny Widebody Lexus

Nor is this one. Gotta say, just like the LC500, these are hardly ever modified. Cool to see.

Honda Orthia Tubing

That’s about it for my highlights from the show! Helen Import Day was a total blast. Shoutout to the lemonade vendor for keeping me hydrated throughout the event. It was a hot one, for sure. Looking forward to next years event.

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Text & Photos by Ben Battles