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Is the soaring cost of futuristic new EVs, like GM’s Hummer, just getting out of hand? Nooooo problem mon! By GM’s logic, just raise the price of all the other cars to offset the difference. Ok so get this – GM is making their ONSTAR subscription service mandatory in GMC, Buick, and Cadillac models. GM insists that it’s an option… but there’s no option to remove it. 

Base model GMCs will see a $1,675 price hike due to the ONSTAR subscription service. The higher-trim GMCs will get a little lesser increase… by just under $1,000. Buicks will be $1,500 more across the board. And the Hummer EV is not affected. 

So just to summarize here…

GM customers are now being forced to pay for a subscription service that they might not want. And CEO Mary Barra must be taking some tips from the White House during all the time she’s been spending there recently. Because apparently, if you don’t like the definition of a word (in this case, the word being OPTIONAL)… just change the definition. Duh. I can just envision Mary Barra tapping a window sticker of a new Yukon with her index finger saying, “ONSTAR Optional. See look at that! It says ‘optional’ right there next to the price… which we won’t be changing.” 

One thing GM is missing though, is people DO in fact have an option: Not to buy a new GM. Walk away. That was a pretty good option already to be honest. 


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