Volk Wheels

Dude… dude… just freakin’ do it already. 

What’s the hold up? Whatever it is you’re after. Whatever you’re stuck on, whether it be cars, travel, career, relationship status. Just. Jump. In. 

Is that always the best advice?? 

Yeah f*ck it I think so. 


I mean… if you die, you went too far dummy. But usually when your heart gets stuck on something… that’s because it’s right. 

1) Your heart is essentially your spirit on this earth. 2) Your spirit needs to be heard. 3) And it’s heard when you follow your heart. 

Your brain is the ‘risk calculator’. It’s the financial planner and/or the band manager. Your heart is the dreamer… the artist… the romantic. 

But they’re in this together (literally)… so there needs to be a trust alliance lol. And a little faith in your ability to prevail. 

Heres the thing… people are scared-stiff of failure. But when you’re following your heart, you’re not gonna fail. I mean… ‘failure’ is kind of a made-up imaginary monster to a certain extent. You may fall… and fall again. But you can only put the official ‘FAILURE STAMP’ on it when you decide to roll over & quit. There’s always a Door #2, or 3, or 4. 

Supercharged Slammed BRZ

A lot of times in life, the journey is the lesson. And the journeys we take… shape our paths. They develop our character traits, our belief systems, our core values, our peer groups… our ability to problem solve, adapt, risk-take, and bounce back from adversity. 

If you always make the safe & sound choice… do you really win in the end? Put another way… if you never let the water get above your knees, did you really swim? If you never took the training wheels off, did you really ride a bike? Life is an experience. It’s about interacting with things, feeling things, and absorbing things. It’s not about competing with some other jackass and his version of success.  

Anyway – this little toast was inspired by Mark Craig & his BRZ. Mark was fresh out of college when the BRZ came out. He had maybe gotten 2 paychecks from his first real job when found out that Subaru was gonna kill the Galaxy Blue Silica color on the BRZ for the following year. The timing was off, but he wanted this car, and he wanted it in this damn color… so tracked down 1 of the last 2 remaining new Galaxy Blue BRZs in the country, and he took the plunge. Hands down changed his life! Mark was barely a car guy before he bought this car. Now – car culture is at the core of who he is. A lot of y’all are on that virtual tipping point… where adulthood is trying to define you & set you straight. It doesn’t have to be cars. Or – it can be cars + many other things. But the point is: You define it; it doesn’t define you. 


-Drivewaylabs type-3 rear diffuser

-Seidoworks whale tail 

-Toms racing jdm tail lights

-Rexspeed tinted convex mirrors

-Helix clear side markers


-Likewise Neil Diamond shift knob

-Likewise love button e-brake button

-Jdm Sti push-button start

-Gold paisley wrapped door cards

-Gold paisley wrapped e-brake boot (sewn by my lovely mother)

-Gold paisley wrapped shift boot (sewn by my lovely mother)

-Memphis Audio 10-inch sub

-20% window tint all around

-White led conversion (courtesy, overhead, trunk)


-Rotiform LHR 3pc forged

18×10.5(25) rear

18×9.5(8) front

-Achilles ATR sport tires

215/40 front

225/40 rear

-Front & rear fenders rolled and pulled

-Stoptech slotted front rotor kit

-Stoptech slotted rear rotor kit

-P2M rear upper control arms

-SPC rear lower control arms

-P2M rear toe arms

-RacerX front lower control arms

-Airlift Performance front strut kit

-Airlift Performance rear strut kit

-Accuair e-level management

-dual Viair 444

-dual 2.5 gallon tanks (gold leafed in 23k gold by me)

-Camber is a matching -9 degrees all around


-Vortech v3 supercharger kit

-front mount Turbosmart bypass valve

-Pure Automotive built custom intake

-Full Blown Motorsports oil cooler

-Openflash unequal length header

-Topspeed front pipe with electric cutout welded in for fun

-Ford Focus oem muffler retrofit

-Password JDM rear engine covers

-Password JDM cooling plates

-Password JDM manifold cover

-Password JDM fuse box cover

Text by Wooley   Photos by Sam Igel II

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