Muteki lug nuts

A lot of us can remember those key moments that hooked us into the scene. Yeah some of you were born into it, and it’s always been a family affair. But there are still those moments. Maybe when dad finally hit the ignition, after what seemed like an eternity of silence in the garage… and the roar shocked your heart, shook the walls, and brought neighbors out. For others, it may have been a glimpse out the back window of mom’s minivan, where some tuner absolutely ripped it off a light or through a tunnel. 

See, in those days when we were younger, we were intrigued & amazed when we saw something different. We didn’t scrutinize it or criticize it… we just absorbed it & delighted in it. We need to hold onto that. Because it wasn’t like like today, where keyboard-punching weenies take joy, rather than make joy. We all see it, and it’s submitting our scene to limitations that are polar opposite of what it was built on. Cameron Dawkins, owner of this Genesis Coupe, read all the comments, and fought back with the same attitude as our hot-rodding ancestors… Get out of here, kid. You got no future.

Cameron’s Genesis started much like any enthusiast noob; short ram, plasti-dip, and long nights on eBay. Sound familiar? And much like anything in Florida, the Genesis motor got too hot too fast and melted. Still under warranty, he got the engine replaced. But not another year later, Dawkins was having fun in true import fashion, when again he fried the block.

At this point, he saw three options: 1) F*ck the lemons and bail. 2) Replace the motor yet again. 3) Swap the motor with something hot. 

Sure – the LS swap is more common than a teenager texting. But keep in mind… it’s only common within a minority group of people. Meaning – you and all your dweeby friends know about it… but it’s not common-talk amongst your sister and her friends, or your mom & her book club, or your neighbors and their yard sale customers. Get it? 

Nevertheless – Cameron took a lot of shit from all different corners of the car scene. He got the KDM community asking, “Why you put LS in Geny Coupe?!” 

And the rest of the scene asking, “Why you mod Hyundai so much?” 

He’s in the grey area. Not import enough for the import crowd. And not powerful enough for the power thirsty. There’s a point of maturity/clarity we can reach in circumstances like this. Where we’re not affected by anything or anyone. Cameron hit that point 2 years ago when he decided to swap the LS1.

Much like anyone’s first big swap, it was no cake walk: and Cameron was learning as he went. With the Fuel Tech management system, he needed to get rid of his sweet drive-by-cable and find a drive-by-wire throttle body. 

Using a Corvette throttle body fulfilled the requirements, but then Dawkins ran into the next issue of needing an adapter to make that work. 

The Enjuku swap kit wasn’t working well with the clutch master. Through community support he found that he needed a clutch master adapter. 

Additionally, Cameron was having issues with the shifter relocation for the T56 transmission, forums revealed he needed to notch and grind the shifter plate. 

And here was that time when his main engine fuse box caught fire, because the headers were too close.

Little bumps can add up quick & can discourage a build. But when Cameron lost his own motivation, by George he found it in others. See – turns out he wasn’t alone. As Babe Ruth apparently said, “The loudest boos come from the cheapest seats.” But since Cameron was able to separate himself from the noise, behold he found a few people from various corners of the scene were willing to lend hands. LS guys who just wanted to help him release the eagles from under his Korean hood. Genesis guys who wanted to see success & smiles. Much respect to these little lights that shine amongst us. 


As for its current state, Cameron loves all the different reactions he gets. It’s hard not to smirk at the color shifting paint job. The Art In Motion MA5 wheels chop through your vision under the sun. Every exaggerated curve on this thing makes your eyes dance. And that surprise growl of that LS1 V8 is just salt on the glass. You can hate if that’s your thing. You can put this guy’s car down, just to build your own ego up. But you got no future kid. 


—–Click play to watch the video feature, hear more about the car and the a couple pulls.—–

For more on Cameron’s build, check out his instagram @ls1_bk1.


Ls1 swap 

T56 transmission 

Custom wiring harness 

853 heads 

PAC 1518 springs 

LS6 intake manifold 

BTR Stage-3 231/242 turbo cam 

Corvette crank pulley 

Fuel Tech touch-screen engine management 

Drive-by-wire throttle body 

Corvette throttle body spacer 

GTO pedal assembly 

Mishimoto radiator 

SPAL custom twin fan radiator shroud 

Houser headers 

Ls1 engine mounts 

T56 Transmission mount 

Canton oil pan 

Oil filter relocation 

1-piece aluminum driveshaft 

Shifter extension 

Hurst short shifter 

GTO shifter cup 

Custom cold air intake 

Injen exhaust 

S&S custom test pipes 

S&S custom downpipes 

resonator delete


APR extended wheel studs 

Brembo brakes 

EBC slotted rotors 

Hawk pads 

Stainless steel brake lines 

Art in Motion MA5 wheels (18×11 -20 front & 18×12.5 -40 rear)

Michelin Pilot Super Sports (225/25/18 front & 235/30/18 rear)

Air Lift performance struts 3p management 

ISR front control arms 

Godspeed rear control arms


Underbody led lighting 

Alpha Pigments tsunami super flake 

Custom head lights 

Carbon fiber eye lids 

VIS Racing carbon fiber hood 

NRG carbon fiber canards 

Ark cfx carbon fiber trunk 

Ark cfx carbon fiber grille 

Ark solus widebody kit 

Street Faction chassis mount wing 

Street Faction rear bash bar 

Hyper G rear bumper 

BK2 tail lights with Audi mod 

Polyurethane Hannah bumper 

APR front carbon fiber splitter 

Zakustech louvers 

Takata drift harnesses 

Spec-D tail lights 

Aero Wolf endplates


Sparco brackets, rails, sliders 

Section harness – bar powder coated & matched to wheels 

Bride low max seats 

Grip Royal steering wheel 

NRG 3.0 quick release 

NRG short hub adapter 

Grip Royal rotator spacer 

We Are Likewise shifter extension & knob

Text & Photos by Jesuel Rivera