The EPA is set to announce even stricter rules for tailpipe emissions this week. They will likely affect vehicles for 2027+. These will be the most stringent set of mandates by the EPA that we have ever seen.

It’s crucial to note: The Biden administration is already making business extremely challenging for auto manufacturers… with EV legislation that is forcing the market to reach lofty goals within a rushed/constricted timeframe. Therefore, auto manufacturers are already investing unprecedented amounts of money to meet those politically-driven EV mandates & deadlines. And now on top of that, they will ALSO have to invest more money & resources into internal combustion engines to meet these new rules as well. 

The government’s boot is on the neck of the automotive industry. And it’s on yours too. This is why the price of new vehicles are at record highs, causing more debt & lower quality of life. This is why we’re seeing more recalls than ever. It’s why vehicle maintenance is more costly & complicated than ever. And it will limit/constrain peoples’ ability to travel… especially mid & lower income earners.

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