They’re telling us that EV is the future…. but are they actually just selling their own demise? GM, or more accurately GMC, has only managed to deliver TWO Hummer EVs so far this year. That’s largely in part to a stop-sale recall due to water leaking into the battery packs causing complete vehicle shutdown. The Hummer EV: Over 6-figures, over 9,000lbs, recalled, delayed, and sold to the masses as ‘green’. Sounds like a smart future for sure.

*Just to be clear… GMC did deliver more Hummer EVs back in 2022. So they have delivered more than two Hummer EVs  TOTAL. But we’re talking about deliveries absolutely tanking in the 1st quarter of this year. There seemed to be some confusion in the comments on TikTok (go figure). So we wanted to clarify that… yes there are more than 2 Hummer EVs in existence.

@s3magazine GMC delivers a whopping 2 Hummer EVs in 1st quarter 2023. #carculture #ev #chevy #chevrolet #hummer #hummerev #automotive #automotivenews #newcars #4×4 #electriccar #payattention ♬ original sound – S3 Magazine

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