Let’s get straight into it: Cameron Soules’s dad has worked on NASCAR teams for Cameron’s whole life. So the rowdy seed was planted real early. After high school, Cameron enrolled in automotive tech school to get serious with engines. And after graduation, he went to the dealerships to make a living. But while the paychecks were good, the dealership environment & monotony was absolutely killing his mojo. Cameron didn’t dream of fixing dumbass crossovers for the rest of his life… he wanted to build scorchers dammit! 

black Evo

And he found his calling in Mitsubishi Evos. 

Why?? Because they’re awesome, that’s why! Look – there’s a lot of turnkey fast new cars available these days. And a lot of those new cars can get next-level fast with aftermarket tunes. BUT – Cameron craves to build & drive cars that make you FEEL something. That’s what it’s really all about, is it not? We can make all the statistical excuses in the world, but c’mon, how much can you really FEEL if your car only takes one finger to drive?? Plus – beating the socks off crackly new performance cars with a 20-year-old Mitsubishi is just the gift that keeps on giving ain’t it Clark. So…

Evo 8 engine

Cameron runs a business with no name.

And he specializes in wicked Mitsubishis, like this one… which is his own car. According to the internet which can’t be wrong, there were only 21,047 Evo 8/9s built between 2003-2006. And you gotta figure, about half of those are probably oof’d by this point. In other words, Evos are becoming super-niche with a diminishing customer base, and very little hope that Mitsubishi will ever make anything this good again.

Nevertheless, Cameron has carved out a unique spot for himself where the sky’s still the limit. And barriers are still being broken. Cameron says it’s only possible to do what he does… BECAUSE of the people he’s met through car culture. Funny how that works huh; it’s kind of a full circle thing. Time & time again it gets proven, that when you commit to the cause & immerse yourself, you open doors that would have never been possible from the outside looking in.

Evo 8 horsepower

Cameron’s Evo 8 is a lot of things… 

But one thing it’s NOT… is another 4-digit car that spends 98% of its life on a lift. That is not what Cameron’s trying to do here. In fact – one would assume that this is a drag car… just coming out of its den for a photoshoot. That assumption would be wrong. 

badass Evo

Yes – this Evo makes 1,100hp on 52lbs of boost. 

Yeah – the engine is built from top to frickin bottom (see mods below). And obviously – it has not-so-subtle Mickey Thompsons on BelaK beadlocks and a parachute… all ready to rip. But hear me out: That parachute is tied to lever right next to the OEM cup holders. And “cup holders” means it’s absolutely NOT a drag car lol. No lie – Cameron put over 300 street miles on this Evo just last weekend. Garage queens & trailer queens just isn’t what Cameron’s shooting for. Rather…

Evo 8 cockpit

Cameron’s addicted to the chaos factor 

Make no mistake, this Evo 8 requires a ton of upkeep. But for Cameron, it’s a labor of love. Cameron believes the Evo is worth investing the time & money into. Therefore, the effort isn’t painful… it’s rewarding. There’s just something ‘peak’ about an Evo of this era. 

built Evo 8

This Evo has aluminum rods, which are light, and help it hit a 10,500rpm limit.

But aluminum is susceptible to damage from debris, so Cameron chooses to change the oil every other week. He also keeps an arsenal of backup parts on deck for quick repairs… kind of like his own little independent race team. And he runs VP Racing X85 fuel, which is not especially cheap/convenient lol… but it’s a lot cheaper & more convenient than NOT using it. 

how much boost Evo

All-in, Cameron figures he’s got about 45k invested into the car…

That includes the purchase price, but it also includes the fact that he’s turning his own wrenches. Honestly though, that’s NOT BAD. Not for a car breaking 4-digit horsepower numbers. And not for an era-defining icon that will only appreciate in value. 

Cameron would like to thank…

Driven Performance (Darius Mikalauskas)  ///   Shift’d Race Works (Miguel Cabeda)  //  and Custom Kings Auto Shop (Justin Phrasouvor) for all of their support. 


Photos by Bryan Meyers

Mitsubishi Evo 8

2003 Mitsubishi Evo 8


Fully built engine from oil pan to valve cover

Raif@RRT spec coated Wiseco 1400HD pistons

19mm wrist pins 

R&R Raif@RRT spec 156mm aluminum rods

Kiggly 12-tooth crank trigger 

King race bearings

GSC race shaft & s2 cams

Supertech valve springs & intake/exhaust valves

AEM Trutime adjustable cam gears

ARP 625+ head studs, rod bolts, & main studs 

Skunk2 intake manifold

S90 billet throttle body

AEM 5 bar MAP sensor

Torque Solutions billet reverse cam sensor housing 

Kiggly HLA in the head 

Frontlinefab billet valve cover

AEM V2 infinity standalone ECU

Torque Solutions full mount kit

Evo radiator


Archer Fab billet T4 forward-facing hot parts kit (forward-facing turbos always felt like Christmas morning for Cameron)

Precision 6875 gen-2 turbo

Tial 50mm BOV

Twin 40mm Turbosmart Compgate wastegates

Custom titanium bumper exit

Pro EFI boost controller 

Custom intercooler piping (powder coated)

STM 5-inch intercooler

Push-lock vacuum lines

Evo turbo upgrade


Fuel System

15-gallon fuel cell

2-wire fuel level sensor

12an feed from tank to pump. 10an feed from pump to rail. 8an return from regulator to tank.

Alpha 2600cc injectors

Magnafuel big bore fuel pressure regulator, pro-series 750 external fuel pump, plus filters & relay kit

Radium big bore fuel rail 

Evo 8 fuel cell

Transmission / Drivetrain

Exedy triple disc clutch

ACT Monoloc 

Shepp stage-1 trans with carbon syncros

Solid rear differential bushings

CAE billet shifter

Buschur Racing mustache bar

Stock t-case with wavetrac LSD

fast Evo

Suspension / Wheels / Brakes

15×8 series-6 BelaK beadlocks

235/60/15 Mickey Thompson ET Street SS

STM ABS delete, staging brake, & Wilwood mini brake kit for front

Powdercoated Brembos

Drilled and slotted rotors 

STM billet rear lower control arms & rear toe arms 

Belak deadlocks


STM parachute kit

OEM Evo 9 Headlights

STM carbon bumper shutters

Front lip

Raw Performance gains front fenders spacers

JDM Evo 9 tail lights & JDM OEM rear bumper

Paint-matched vortex generators

car parachute


Autopower 6-point roll cage

CAE billet shifter & shift knob

Parachute handle made from Harbor Freight breaker bar

OEM Recaros

AEM digital wideband, oil pressure, fuel pressure, & boost gauge

Evo 8 recurs

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