First Impression…

Wait… do I already own one of these?

Ford Explorer Platimun review

One Week Later…

Driving the Ford Explorer feels oddly familiar & comfortable. Meaning – after 2 miles, it felt like I’ve already owned it for 2 years.

Ford Explorer Platinum wheels all wheel drive

The Explorer has great visibility. The 2nd row captain’s chairs allow easy/convenient 1-button access to the 3rd row.

Ford Explorer Platinum 3rd row seats seating


Rear windows roll all the way down. The double-pano sunroof allows light & air to reach the entire cabin. AND – the 3rd row seating pops up/down electronically with the touch of a button, which is hugely convenient. Especially when your hands are full, kids are hyper, & the parking lot is busy.

Ford Explorer electronic folding seats



The Explorer wins the cargo game. With the 3rd row folded down into the floor, there is an abundant amount of space. And with the 3rd row up, there is still quite a decent/respectable amount of usable storage space behind it. In both cases, seemingly more than the competitors.

Ford Explorer SUV storage cargo

The Explorer is a great consideration for drivers who wants/needs the cargo-capacity of a Suburban-like vehicle… but with easier daily maneuverability.

3rd row SUV

Another place where the Explorer separates itself, is the engine options. A lot of times in this segment, you get 1 engine choice… and it’s a generic slumber-inducing V6. But – moving up Ford Explorer’s range to the Platinum & Sport models, you get the Ford 3.5-liter TWIN-TURBO… with all-wheel-drive.

…Making the Plati/Sport Explorer a solid contender for the family that just can’t do a freaking Highlander or Pilot, no matter how ‘perfectly sensible’ they might be.

Rosemary Beach Seaside 30A parking

Ford Explorer Rosemary Beach 30A

Ford Explorer twin turbo

Ford Explorer backup camera navigation

Ford Platinum seats

Ford Explorer storage cargo seating

Ford Explorer charging