What is RTR & where can you buy one???

RTR is Vaughn Gittin JR’s automotive lifestyle brand. And at its nucleus, is Vaughn’s drifting career with Ford… and these RTR Mustangs.

Ford Mustang RTR S550 GT lighting


You can buy the RTR at any knowledgeable Ford dealership. And you can put the RTR package on either the Mustang GT, or the Ecoboost Mustang. It’s supported by Ford, so it can be added & installed by the dealer at the time of vehicle purchase, and the RTR package can be rolled into the financing of the vehicle. If you already own a Mustang, RTR parts can be purchased aftermarket for your car individually… (but no serial-number badging).

Mustang RTR package SPEC 2


There are 3 RTR packages available.

SPEC 1 – $7995 – Includes…

RTR upper & lower grille

RTR triangular LED grille lights

RTR chin spoiler

RTR rocker splitters

RTR rear diffuser

RTR deckled panel (between taillights)

RTR badges

RTR floor mats

RTR shift knob

RTR dash plaque

RTR graphics

RTR lowering springs

RTR 19” wheels

Nitto 19” tires

Drift Mustang drifting

SPEC 2 – $11995 – Includes everything from SPEC 1 plus… 

RTR 2-way dampers

RTR axle-back exhaust

RTR performance calibration (by Ford Performance)

-460hp for 5.0 and 345hp for Ecoboost

RTR sway bars

Upgrade to RTR 20” Tech 7 wheels

Nitto 555 Gen 2 tires – 275/35/20

RTR serial-numbered Spec 2 dash plaque

Vaughn Gittin Ford Mustang RTR supercharged s550

SPEC 3 – $21995 – Includes everything from SPEC 2 plus… 

2.3L supercharger (by Ford Performance)

Air-to-water intercooler

Upgraded fuel injectors

Performance calibration


RTR serial-numbered Spec 3 dash plaque

Available Option: RTR tactical performance handling package

Fast Ford Mustang GT RTR

The RTR pictured here is the Spec-2. Mike Peters gave me the chance to drive it for a week and umm, it was real hard to give it back. Everyday that passed with the RTR, I grew more attached.

Over the years, I’ve humbly acquired a pretty neat range of vehicles in my garage: An air-cooled 911, a newer Jeep Wrangler, a Fiesta ST, a gutted/swapped CRX. I’m connected to those cars, because they give you something unique. They were never made to be compromised appliances for mass consumption. And between those 4 cars, I can check-off a lot of boxes. …But not this one.

Mustang GT wrap

The RTR gave me a feeling that my other cars can’t. With the S550 (and the later S197s to be fair), Ford found a way to connect you to the soul of the original iconic Mustangs. I know it sounds cliche, and it’s hard to explain. But you know what?? The best cars ARE hard to explain sometimes. They have to be EXPERIENCED & FELT. It’s always been that way, and if the internet tells you any different, it’s lying to you.

Lowered Mustang GT S550 RTR 20 inch wheels

The 30-horsepower bump of the Spec-2 is neat on paper, but it’s WHERE the car makes the extra power that really counts. With the new calibration, the RTR makes more power immediately in the low-end than a stock GT… and then holds it throughout the power band. The exhaust note is hair-raising. But what surprised me – the overall demeanor of the car is actually pretty tame when you’re not actively engaged with it. The RTR ‘mellows out’ really well. It cruises. It’s honestly easier to drive at the speed limit than my little 4-banger Fiesta ST (or the Focus RS), both of which are constantly pulling at the leash. The RTR absorbs potholes & road imperfections without interrupting a conversation & having to brace yourself. The car honestly has split-personalities – best way to describe it. Put your foot in it… and it totally wants to kill you + any witnesses. Peel your foot back out, and it’s just a cold beer on a Friday afternoon.

Ford Mustang RTR grille grill spoiler

The RTR look killer! The 20” flow-formed RTR wheel package is more aggressive & dialed-in than anything I would expect to see leave a new car lot. The graphics are neat in photos; and even better in person. They really compliment the lines of the car, flirt with reflections in the sun, and bring out the hips of the S550 in a way I’ve never noticed before. The triangular LED running lights in the grille are a definite attention-grabber. The RTR deck-lid/taillight panel & rear spoiler are bold & beastly. The chin spoiler has a mean, rugged, functional design. It’s the perfect street setup; Mustang RTR really is “Ready To Rock”.

Lowered Mustang S550 GT aero RTR

Ford Mustang interior RTR

Ford Mustang GT RTR S550