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Initial Impression

I like… big… TRUCKS & I cannot lie.

Everything about this Ford F250 Platinum seems exceptional. …Except making right-hand turns in tight parking lots lol. But seriously, Ford does trucks very well… and they overlook NOTHING in this premium 77k Ford F250 Platinum model. I know a lot of y’all say you’d rather “Push your Chevy than drive a Ford.” Well… as you wish.

Ford F250 Platinum

One Week Later 

The new Ford F250 Platinum’s aluminum body allows Ford to save significant weight on the overall vehicle (300+lbs), WHILE simultaneously adding strength to parts that matter – like the full boxed frame, tougher axles, etc.

Steering/suspension on the F250 feel stable. The ride may initially seem stiff (compared to the F150 for example), but that’s because the F250 is really intended for routine hauling & towing… it’s a work truck after all. Put weight on in it or behind it, and the ride is smooths out like butter.

Ford F250

The 6.7 Power Stroke turbo diesel V8 in the Ford F250 Platinum makes ALL the power!

925 torque to be exact.

It’s nothing short of mind-scrambling… how effortlessly & smoothly this giant vehicle gets up to speed. NOTE: The turbo on this engine, is located between the cylinder heads & on top of the block, which reduces unnecessary piping/routing, and adds to the engine’s responsiveness.

Ford F250 tough

The interior of the Platinum is spacious, accommodating, comfortable, AND durable.

Ford really hits all the marks. The materials & color-pallets used in the Platinum, combined with the great visibility from the ‘drop’ front window design & giant panoramic sunroof… make it a relaxing & satisfying place to be. It’s like Ford harnessed the feeling on ‘a job well done’, and immersed you in it. Haha sounds corny, but it’s real. There are a lot of intangibles working together in the new F250.

When you take the effortless/smooth power, plus the great captain-like visibility, plus the quiet & soothing interior… it’s just a very relaxing & satisfying truck to drive. Like – you’d jump in it and drive 50 miles, just to bring your mama a postage stamp if she ran out.

F250 Platinum interior