Text by Wooley   :   Photos by Walker   :   Issue 44

Rocket Bunny Honda Civic at Road Atlanta

They say once you learn how to ride a bike, you never forget. What they DON’T say, is that you’ll be able to pick up right where you left off.  Because that’s not how it works.

A few years ago, Bryson Richards was competitive with his EG Honda Civic. At the track, he was sharp, fast, and comfortably in control over the car. The car became rather significant & inspirational to the Honda community (outfitted in a Gulf/Formula1 paint scheme at the time).

It was a splash of cool water in what had become a stagnant & scripted JDM Honda scene. A scene that he honestly didn’t know or care much about… being that this was his first Honda. He acquired the car (kind of reluctantly) as part of a trade. He decided to take it to the track for sh!ts & giggles, surprised himself, fell in love, and built it.

Rocket Bunny Honda Civic at Road Atlanta Gulf

It was a EG that broke the mold. An Honda hatch that was running the streets with its RWB buddies. A meticulously built show-stopper… whose heart was always in ‘function’… and whose priorities were always at the track.

But from a driver’s standpoint, Bryson eventually reached the limits of the car, and he wanted to squeeze more out of it. He upped this own ante.

The car was torn down for improvement…….. and it got away from him. 

turbo B16 B18 track car

Weeks turned into months. The muscles relaxed. Then months turned into years.

His marriage improved.

Two more children entered the picture.

He got involved with Leh Keen’s Safari 911s.

He got his paint-gun on various stateside RWB builds.

Some of the fastest GTRs & Lamborghinis in the country came through his bodyshop.

Career-wise, Bryson was really dialing it in. But driving-wise, the Civic slid to the back burner, forfeiting to more pressing work deadlines & family priorities.

To be clear – it was NOT the wrong choice.

But nevertheless – the world doesn’t give you ‘sympathy points’ for having to take time out. It just goes on.

Maxxis RC-1 race tires

Finally, 2 years later… after all the anticipation……..

The Civic came back together & and Bryson hit the track. Only to get doused with the realization that the driving-world had gone on without him. 

Bryson Richards Classic Livery of Atlanta

Like a surfer who’d been away from the water too long. He stands at the water’s edge with his board. He pumps himself up, feels that spiritual connection to the ocean. He jumps in the water & paddles out… only to get tossed & pummeled by that first break with absolutely no care.

Reality dude.

It can be shuddering when you’re not in its plan.

Gulf Racing Porsche Honda Acura

This photoshoot shows Bryson’s first day back.

The frustrations, the questioned confidence. The car all out of sync. Yourself – out of rhythm. The moments of excitement in between the setbacks. And the test – to either overcome or buckle.

Jzilla track days

No one sets out to slip & get lax, but it happens. LIFE happens. And that cold, impersonal, slap-in-the-face, reality-check is needed sometimes… in order to recalibrate yourself. Sometimes the low-blows are necessary, in order to test our character, and ultimately be able to recognize & savor the high-highs.

If it were effortless, it’d be meaningless.

Classic Livery of Atlanta Bryson Richards

1992 Honda Civic


Fully built B16

Rods, pistons, block girdle

Supertech OS valves

Garrett GT3076 turbo

Hondata S300

Hondata COP

Skunk2 intake manifold

AEM fuel rail

Evolved Injection 1200cc injectors

Evolved Injection 320 pump

DBW MotorSport E85 tune

Classic Livery of ATL full custom-fabbed boost piping and 3″ exhaust (Justin Farmer)

Classic Livery of ATL Jodar clamps on all boost pipe

Classic Livery of ATL fabbed Intercooler (Justin Farmer)

Classic Livery of ATL remounted & fabbed oil cooler

EBTEC built trans with carbon syncros, MFactory LSD

Speed Factory HD detent springs

S2000 dash cluster


KG Made grand-am spec rollcage

Racetech seats

GForce harnesses

Cool Shirt driver cooling

Ktuned shifter

S2k digital dash conversion w Ktuned adapter

Maxxis tires


Eibach R2 coilovers

Wilwood 6-piston front brakes

11″ RSX rear brake setup

Hawk DTC70 pads

AiM Solo

Maxxis RC1 and VR1 tires – 275/40/17

JNC 022 wheels – 17×9

PCI bearings in all suspension pivots



Pandem Rocket Bunny kit

Classic Livery of Atlanta – Gulf Marine livery

PCI rear wing Mount

Classic Livery fabbed rear carbon diffuser

Classic Livery fabbed lexan quarters