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Our opinion – Ford nailed it. The S650 Mustang seems to be everything it needs to be. Enough to offset the ‘soft side of Ford’ that we’ve been seeing too much of lately with all the EV stuff. It’s given the Ford-loyal enthusiasts something to be proud of.

One argument – is that Ford already ruined the Mustang by using the name on that sad 4-door electric crossover… the Mach E. But the other side of the coin is… they could have just ruined the coupe & convertible TOO… but they didn’t. They could have axed the Mustang like Chevy is axing the Camaro & Dodge is axing the Charger/Challenger… but they didn’t. And that has restored some of my faith in Ford. This was the right move.

I’ve always said that when Ford gets out of their own way… they can really do badass exciting things. I’d like to see more of that… and less brown-nosing shareholders & administrations.

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