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I wanted to jot down my initial, uninfluenced thoughts on the new 7th generation S650 Ford Mustang. I haven’t read any outside media yet, therefore no outside influences have seeped into my brain lol.

I think Ford nailed it. The S650 Mustang seems to be everything it needs to be. Enough to offset the soft side of Ford that we’ve been seeing too much of lately with all the EV stuff. It’s given the Ford-loyal enthusiasts something to be proud of.

One argument – is that Ford already ruined the Mustang by using the name on that sad-ass 4-door electric crossover… the Mach E. But the other side of the coin is… they could have just ruined the coupe & convertible TOO… but they didn’t. They could have axed the Mustang like Chevy is axing the Camaro & Dodge is axing the Charger/Challenger… but they didn’t. And that has restored some of my faith in Ford. This was the right move.

I’ve always said that when Ford gets out of their own way… they can really do badass exciting things. I’d like to see more of that… and less brown-nosing shareholders & administrations (as in… the current one).

7th generation Musatang GT


The base model Mustang is still a 2.3 Ecoboost. Which really is a fun car to drive in its own right, But the Ecoboost will always live in the shadow of the GT. So let talk about the GT: The 4th-gen Coyote V8 now has twin intakes & throttle bodies! Badass. Ford says it’s the most powerful Coyote yet, but they did not release horsepower numbers on there GT to my knowledge.

But what we should really be celebrating here – is the fact that we can still get the next generation Mustang with a ground-pounding V8 and a bonerific 6-speed transmission!

Dark Horse: The Dark Horse will make 500… normally aspirated… horsepower! Just saying the name silences the room and causes a bead of sweat run down your butt cheek. This is what America does; this is what we bring to the automotive world! We can make the Mach Es, the Volts, & the Bolts… and all that other sissy shit. But when it comes down to it… THIS is what America does. In the same month that Mopar killed their Scat Packs & Hell Cats… Ford unleashes a Dark Horse. Let that sink in. The Dark Horse is the future we grew up for. The Mach E is the cop car from Demolition Man. Soon… you’re gonna have to choose a side.

Dark Horse blue


As mentioned, I think the S650 Mustang design is exactly where it needs to be. It’s more chiseled, which is the design trend of the times. And when you look at it, especially from the side profile, you can tell that Ford is trying to give the Mustang a broader, more global appeal. Which is also what they did when they released the 2015+ model.

The S650 has a shorter rear overhang than the current Mustang. And again, from that side profile, the short overhang behind those rear wheels (combined with the side rear windows), gave it Nissan Z vibes to me. At first, that seemed a little wrong. I love Nissan Zs, but not on a Mustang lol. But – the original ’65 Mustang ALSO had that short/stubby rear end. So in that regard, I guess it works. And the more I look at it (especially from the rear corner angle), the more it grows on me quickly. Lastly – it’s got thicc hips – gotta love that!

2024 Mustang GT


I personally do not like it when car manufacturers overdo screens. They’re not making iPhones, they’re making cars. A car is not an iPhone. And I don’t want to drive an iPhone. When big screens first starting coming to market, it was an impressive trick. But we’re way past that now. It doesn’t impress me anymore; it irritates me. Cars without knobs are more distracting & therefore more dangerous than cars with knobs – period. We have all these nanny safety devices in cars these days, and yet the real danger & distraction of screens goes ignored. I know I’m the minority on that. However, I also know that if I get rear-ended because some goober was 7-layers deep into their infotainment screen… I’m suing everybody involved.

But here’s what I do like about the S650 interior. I like the driver-focused layout. Basically – I hate the screens, but like that they’re angled towards the driver lol. I have always liked the classic twin-cockpit styling of the Mustang dash… from the early days to the modern S550 days. But the Mustang has grown into a big/wide coupe. And when you have those twin cockpits, it almost makes it feel even wider… like super-landscape mode. And that gives it the illusion of being less agile. I think that by wrapping the dash toward the driver, it will lessen that effect, and make the Mustang fit more like a glove… or a sports car.

S650 interior


Thank you Ford for not screwing up an icon. We sincerely appreciate that.  And may the force be with you.

2024 Mustang GT Convertible

2024 Mustang GT convertible

New Mustang


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