It looks like Ford is ready to get rid of some dealers over the EV focused future of the company. At least in a sense. Ford has had a rocky relationship with their dealer network over the past year. First they said that Ford would only sell EV’s direct to consumers. Shortly after, they said that dealers would be part of the EV game, but said it would be brutal.

See, I love the fact that Jim Farley (CEO of Ford) is so candid and willing to talk, but I feel like it constantly puts him (and the company) in bad situations. Well, Ford had their annual dealer meeting in Vegas this week and Farley announced that every dealer will have to choose a route moving forward. They can either invest in charging stations and a ton of EV specific training, or they can eliminate themselves from the opportunity of selling EV’s for at least 3 years. There’s a lot to unpack here, so let’s get into it.


Ford held their annual dealer meeting in Vegas this week and gave everyone an ultimatum concerning EV’s. #ford #ev#electricvehicle #automotivenews #dealership #stealership #forddealer

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