Ford is recalling 2,900 Ford Lightnings for a testosterone monitoring I mean tire pressure monitoring system failure. That has to be all of the Lightnings, right? I mean, I’ve never seen a new Ford Lightning on the street yet. And you can no longer order them online, so how many can really be out there? I just kinda figured the Lightning was another one of those EV trucks everyone keeps talking about… but don’t actually exist. Like Big Foot (which ironically used to also be a kick-ass Ford monster truck). 

To be fair though, this pretty much just seems another regular-ass Ford recall, and not anything special or specific to Ford’s EV line. We’re paying more attention to the EV side of the Ford brand these days 1) since it’s new tech with growing pains, and 2) because of the significant (sales-stopping) Mach-E recall earlier this month. EVs are the future, and so are recalls.

Apparently from what we can gather, this recall is a software issue. It honestly seems like Ford set the TPMS sensors to trigger at 35psi cold, when it was intended to be 42psi. Dang – doesn’t 42 seems high?! I’m not an EV guru, but maybe they run the EVs at a higher tire pressure to squeeze out a little more range?? And maybe Ford screwed up & programmed sensors for internal combustion psi?? Who knows. And frankly… who cares. You could always just check your own tire pressure like a capable adult.

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