Ford Maverick understands its mission. The modern truck market has gone off the rails in size & in price. And the Ford Maverick returns as an economical, versatile, usable entry-point back into the truck segment. But there’s MORE to the Maverick than that. Call it ‘an energy’ or call it ‘a vibe’… but there is an addictive attraction built into this truck. Something that pulls you in. It’s something that’s undeniably MORE than the sum of its parts.

Ford Maverick review

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Ford Maverick interior

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Ford Maverick interior

The interior of the Maverick is refreshingly functional & funky. Remember when cars could be both affordable AND interesting, engaging, & appealing? Before generic, germaphobic, iPad interiors had a chokehold on automotive design? Well the Ford Maverick remembers. And Ford has used some effort & ingenuity designing a little outside the box here, to make the inside of the Maverick a place worth being. It’s equal parts funky, trucky, sporty, and functional. Does the interior of the Ford Maverick feel cheap? Sure maybe… but it’s ‘cheap’ in an exciting/refreshing/clever type of way. Which I found to be a lil bit of a nostalgic lost art. Space-wise, it’s not as small inside as you might think. It’s not a big/wide F150 either, but the high ceiling/roof of the Maverick gives it a feeling of spaciousness. And the rear legroom seems to be right about there with the up-sized Tacoma & Ranger.

Ford Maverick interior room

Ford Maverick interior

Ford Maverick tow capacity

Ford Maverick black wheels

This Ford Maverick came equipped with the turbocharged 2-liter engine 

It’s worth noting that Ford also offers a hybrid engine for the Maverick. I won’t knock it until I try it. But to me it seems like – why complicate what’s supposed to be simple? Don’t lose the mission here guys. Because no matter how you slice it, a hybrid takes 2 engines to do what 1 can do. And it also takes a battery. From my perspective, I’ll spend a little more on gas now, to avoid significant expenses later (not to mention additional buying expenses). 

I have no complaints with the 2-liter turbo Ecoboost. Especially in the all-wheel-drive configuration we tested. The 2.0-turbo engine has been out for some time, it’s likely sorted, and there’s a strong aftermarket & knowledge-base from the ST world. It makes more-than-sufficient power in the Maverick. If I have one complaint – it’s that Ford doesn’t offer a 6-speed manual. I know I’m in the minority, but a 6-speed manual would absolutely give the Ford Maverick a bonafide cult/enthusiast following. But putting my intense wishes for a manual transmission aside, the 8-speed auto is great from a mass-appeal, daily-living perspective (thank God it’s not a CVT). With the 2.0 Ecoboost, all-wheel-drive, and optional towing package, the Ford Maverick can tow 4,000lbs. 

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Ford Maverick truck

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So is the Ford Maverick a real truck? 

Yes and no. But more importantly… who gives a damn? Does it check your boxes? That’s the real question. Truck buyers have different needs. And there are a lot of truck owners who need more truck than the Ford Maverick – obviously. On the other side of the spectrum though, there’s also a lot of truck owners with massaging seats… trying to tell us what a real truck is lol. I guess the point is: As a population, we’re constantly sold the illusion that we need more than we do. And we definitely tend to overbuy. But sometimes more has its drawbacks too. A lot of times, we let the things we own… end up owning us. So who cares what you call the Ford Maverick. The question is: Does it work for you & your life? If so, I think it’s 100% worth consideration. 

Ford Maverick AWD

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Ford Maverick 2.0 turbo

Ford Maverick towing

Ford Maverick ecoboost

Ford Maverick unibody

Ford Maverick

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