It looks like Volkswagen and Rivian will be joining forces. Volkswagen will of course be bringing a large investment to the table that Rivian desperately needs. Especially if they want to continue their quest to own the EV truck market. More importantly, it looks like most of this money will be used to get the build for their Georgia plant back on track. Let’s not forget that the State of Georgia has already invested $1.5 Billion into this project, only for Rivian to put it on hold shortly after clear cutting the land. The new infusion of capital should be more than enough to get this rolling again.

What VW gets out of this is not completely clear yet, but my educated guess is that Rivian will be asked to help to build their EV side of things. Most notably, the Scout. This is definitely a story that we will need to keep tabs on moving forward.


I wonder what this means for Scout. #news #automotivenews #rivian #ev #electricvehicle #scout #vw #volkswagen

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